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    • Dennis
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      OK so I’ve noted a lot of felt pads in the string grooves and very few brush buttons on recurve bow strings on the various (read nefarious) hunting channels. I live and hunt in eastern Ontario and couldn’t move 10 ft. without getting hung up in the bush. I understand the felt pads but why doesn’t anyone use brush buttons out there?

    • Buzzard
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      Their not using buttons because those “movie stars” only hunt traditional when their “on camera”. Most probably never heard of brush buttons. Both of my recurves wear buttons and always have, and i started shooting these things in 1973! No silly felt pads either!

    • Stephen Graf
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      Not sure of the point of this thread, but…

      Instead of felt pads, I have found that wrapping yarn around the end of the string serves the same purpose and is neater / cleaner in the long run. The pads move and slip and leave sticky stuff all over the end of the limb and string.

      The yarn just works, and is free if your wife knits. Use the thickest yarn you can get.

    • kennymac
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      Dennis-I use brush buttons and here in Michigan there are lots of brushy areas so they do come in very handy! No need to snag your bow and just love ’em!!
      Kenny 😀

Viewing 3 reply threads
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