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    • jmsmithy
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      Hiya fellas

      Out stump shooting with my son today and, 3 destroyed arrows later (damn GrizSticks get expensive 🙁 ) we came back into the a/c for nice lemonade and relax…:D

      Now, I’ve reclaimed nocks, heads and occasionally even inserts but never fletching….thoughts:?:

    • Jason Wesbrock
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      I recycle fletching for small game arrows all the time. I don’t re-use fletching for my good arrows though.

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I’ve used a sharp knife to take off fletching plenty of times. I reuse the feathers on stumping arrows and have never noticed a difference. They might not look quite as pretty and they might have a little bit of torque in them, but they fly just fine.

      I tape my feathers on and that might help in getting them off. good luck, dwc

    • Ripforce
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      I have recycled plenty of feathers, usually I will use them if I happen to ruin maybe one feather on an arrow! If your use a very sharp razor blade you can get them off most shafts without destroying the base! i sand the base smooth & usually they are good to go!

    • wildschwein
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      Didn’t know you could do that. Good to know.

      But I got to ask, how did you destroy 3 Grizzly Sticks? Heard them things were built like Sherman tanks.

    • Ed Ashby
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      When I was young every single penny counted. You bet I recycled the fletching from broken arrows, and everything else I could salvage too. I even recycled the broken (wood, back then) shafts for tomato stakes, dowel pins and anything else I could think of to use them for. I even made ‘squeaker’ type varmint calls from the broken shafts and rubber bands – and that type of varmint call is still my favorite, close range varmint calls.


    • longrifle
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      Do it all the time, one of the many perks of using fletching tape….

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      I still salvage fletching and keep my broken arrows against hard times. Also have been known to piece them together too when the front quarter peels off on an obstruction. Just trim it and splice a corresponding section from a a broken arrow with the same fletch. LOL, Frankenarras. 😀

    • jmsmithy
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      wildschwein wrote: Didn’t know you could do that. Good to know.

      But I got to ask, how did you destroy 3 Grizzly Sticks? Heard them things were built like Sherman tanks.

      I thought the same thing Justin but I’ve come to realize that the whole world is hype and the only “Complete Truth” is the outdoors and what we are seeing in front of us at any given time! 👿

      Yes, they definitely are tough BUT they broke like any other carbon hitting the occasional big granite boulder that jumps up in front of the damn stump 35 yards away that you don’t hold high enough for …:evil:

      I’m shooting ’em at 29.5″ w full insert and 75g weight added plus 300gr VPA small game head ( I hunt with Ashby’s and target/3D shoot w 315gr field points as I like to stay consistent in all my shooting)…

      Oh well, $180 later and another dozen shafts on the way(NOBODY KNOWS MY LINDA HERE, CORRECT?) I hate to say purchased on the Flea— as some big wholesaler sells them discounted 10$ per dozen….at first I didn’t do it as I’m a small biz owner (insurance agency who makes my living insuring other small biz) and believe small biz must be supported as we make the world go round. Then it dawned on me that even the big wholesaler must be buying from the manufacturer so it’s all good in the long run…

      and $20 saved gets me 2/3 of a broadhead 😯

      >>>—> JM 😀

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