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  • skinner biscuitskinner biscuit
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    I use a tight spot quiver on my predator velocity bow because it’s about the only quiver other than a strap on that fits . Unfortunately the hood is shallow because it is made for compound bows. My tuffheads were exposed about a half inch , which not only a hazard but dulled them as well! I thought of this and using a old rifle sling, a piece of Velcro and a sewing awl made a compression extension that works very well. I’ve had it on my bow for a few years now and never had it slip off or had to mess with it . It’s a comfort to know my tuffheads are safe and secure!

  • smiley1
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    Luckily for me anyway, Great Northern makes a longer hood option to accommodate my Tuffheads.

  • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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    Skinner biscuit

    Excellent effective MOD. I am working on one myself at the moment . The bow Quiver ( wrap type )will completely cover my tuff/meatheads but I was overzealous in sheathing the broadhead,  and the point touched the inside of the thread at the top, cutting it. I am going to put a thicker leather pad at the top to stop the point coming thru and restitch it.



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