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    • wojo14
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      I finally got my hands on an awesome recurve that I love.

      I worked on it for a while yesterday after hunting and I got it pretty tuned with some new EFOC arrows.

      It is a tad noisy. I am used to the quietness of longbows.

      Any thoughts on hushing this bad boy up a little?

      So far, I raised the BH a 1/4″ to the max recomended height, I have my usual cat whiskers on it. I am shooting a pretty heavy arrow. (610 gr)

      I was going to but some calf hair on the ends of the limbs to help with string slap….:P

    • Stephen Graf
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      What is the weight of the bow? Usually bows shooting 12 gpp or more will be pretty quiet no matter what, which is usually what you end up with when shooting efoc arrows.

      What kind of noise is it? twang, clack, snap…

      Moving the cat whiskers around can help get your bare shaft arrow flying well and quieting the bow some too.

    • wojo14
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      the bow is 52# @ 26, which is my draw.

      that puts me at 11.7gr/pound.

      i have my efoc arrows flying pretty good.

      it is kind of a twang, i guess…

    • Brennan Herr
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      I put moleskin on the ends of my recurve where the string touches the bow. It worked well for me. I got in at the gander mountain in greensburg (as well as the limb savers) I never tried the soft part of velcro that I use as an arrow rest but that might work as well. I also put on small recurve limbsavers. They also helped a bit with hand vibration. Some pics. Good luck!

    • wojo14
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      Thats what I was thinking Brennan.

      I am going to skip the limbsavers, I have no hand shock. Just a little twang.

      You live near Greensburg? I do!

      I heard you met MIke!?

    • Stephen Graf
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      I guess I’d try moving the string silencers just a smidge towards the center.

      another option aside from putting the felt pads on the limb tips is to serve the ends of the bowstring with yarn. Sort of serves the same purpose without getting all that adhesive on the limbs. I’ve not had much luck with the stick on felt pads. They always end up shifting on me.

    • Etter1
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      Get rid of the cat whiskers and get some yarn puffs. Always been great on my recurves

    • Dan Jackowiak
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      Etter1 wrote: Get rid of the cat whiskers and get some yarn puffs. Always been great on my recurves


    • Zano
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      2blade wrote: [quote=Etter1]Get rid of the cat whiskers and get some yarn puffs. Always been great on my recurves


      That’s funny how things work out for different bows & people’s shooting styles!

      My Super Kodiak is whisper quiet with just two rubber cat whiskers (top/bottom), YET not so with yarn puffs, fur balls, etc! 😆

      Btw, he might want to try raising & lowering the brace height until he finds the “quiet spot”, usually works like a charm (even with nothing on the string it makes a BIG difference in the “twang” sound), NO MATTER what the mfgr says is the “recommended” brace height, tweeking works! 😉

    • William Warren
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      Agree that experimenting with brace height even if slightly different than the min/max helps. I’ve found that with silencer materials, no matter what the type, more is not necessarily better. I have gotten best results by trimming mine down and moving them up or down the string helps with arrow flight and with noise.

    • wojo14
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      Thanks for all the tips.

      I got it shooting pretty good and proably as quiet as it’s going to get. It just has a small thump upon the shot.

      I end up padding the limb grooves with calf hair and raising the brace height to 8 1/8″.

    • archer38
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      Have you tried the heterodyning placement method ?

      I think there is a thread about it on here somewhere.

      After trying it, I now do all my string silencers this way.

    • Robin Conrads
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      TBM Tip of the Week: Heterodyning 😀

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      Try the bow hush. It’s a thread of New Zealand very heavy duty yarn wrapped around each end of the string. It will make your recurve quiet as a selfbow!

    • Terry Lightle
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      Brush buttons really helped my Widow

    • wojo14
      Post count: 325

      Thanks for all your advise guys! A lot of them helped, but the best modification was a new longbow!

      Elkheart is 2 weeks away!:D

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