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    • aurox
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      i am new to this forum, is it acceptable here to post a question regarding a manuscript near publishing, that we are looking for interested people to read it and give feedback?

      if so i will give more details, if not then thats it for this subject, thanks, tim

    • David Yukon
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      I would read it, What is the book to be about?

    • aurox
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      below is from one our editors, in short though it is mainly a collection of tracking stories, very down to earth and totally believable, no super human stuff. tim

      Hello everyone,

      Are you a tracker?

      A new book called /Song of the Track/ is getting ready for publication, and is in its final revision stages. The author is looking for readers who love tracking to review the manuscript and offer feedback. You are the first real readers to see it, and your comments will guide the author in the final rewrite. The book features twenty one tracking stories recorded from the author’s life as a wilderness guide, tips on safety in bear and cougar tracking, and a glossary of terms. Each story features a tracking adventure with students and clients, set in the North Woods of Wisconsin, threaded through with tidbits of natural history, tracking ideology, and the inner thoughts of the author as he guides novice and experienced trackers through the wilderness that he calls home.

      Here is a little more about the book:

      There’s only one thing that keeps you from being a good tracker. No, it’s not that you haven’t taken some special course, or because an expert tracker hasn’t passed his secret knowledge down to you. And no, this book won’t give it to you.

      Because you already have it.

      Imagine watching a fox walk by because you knew he was coming. It’s done by sensing the subtle cues the author calls the song of the track. The stories in this book can help sharpen your innate tracking abilities. You’ll learn how questions make you a better tracker than answers and why spiders and hawks make better tracking teachers than humans. You’ll join in tracking adventures with people similar to you who yearned to track like their hunter-gatherer ancestors. And then, the next time you take to the wild side of life, you might see and hear and feel in a deeper way.

      Song of the Track will appeal to amateur and professional trackers, those wanting to connect more with nature–and their inner nature–and anyone who just plain enjoys a good story.

      So come sit around the campfire and join in as we track a bird across the sky and learn tracking tricks from Bears. You’ll be transported into a world where everything leaves a track, and where every track has a story to tell. Listen closely and you could learn how to hear it.


      We’re looking for those who can commit to completing a read through of the manuscript and return feedback within three weeks. We need your direct and honest responses, so there is no format – anything you have to offer would be valuable — so spell it out and don’t worry about hurt feelings. We’re looking for:

      • What really resonates with you
      • What pushes your buttons
      • What is confusing and needs rewording or further explanation
      • What is particularly clear and well-expressed

      And anything else you would like to mention!

      If you’re interested, please contact me, Leah, at leah@teachingdrum.org. I’d be happy to get you a manuscript in either digital or hard copy.


      Leah Moss, editor
      Teaching Drum Outdoor School

    • Robin Conrads
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      This is fine here, and if anyone wants to participate you are welcome to. Please do not promote your book in this forum when it is done. Commercial posts are limited to our paying advertisers.


    • Snakeeater
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      I would like to read it and will be glad to review/read it for you.

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