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    • gidaddy911
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      Just wondering if anyone can awnser some questions for me. I am moving to Ft. Bliss (El Paso, TX) and it has come to my attention that if you have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan you can get a great rate on an Oryx hunt.

      I shoot a Browning Cobra recurve 46#@28 with Heritage carbon arrows and 125 grain snuffer broadheads. I am fairly new to shooting but get consistant groups at 20 yards. I still have a good while before this hunt so I have time to continue shooting and practicing.

      My question is this: Is the tackle I intend to hunt with good enough for the game?

      I believe my snuffer broadheads are glued to 200 grain field points, but not sure. Will check that with my guy I got them from, but is this enough poundage to kill an Oryx?

      Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

    • T Downing
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      Sir, while I have no personal experience bowhunting Gemsbok, my father hunted them in the early 1980’s on the White Sands Missle Range, in New Mexico. The bull he killed was the largest taken for several years. They are extremely tough animals and he commented to me about the importance of knowing that Oryx’s vitals are located much more forward than our North American animals. In summary, I believe that your set up is too light for these animals. I maintain that equipment used on Elk would be more up for the task. 55lbs and up, with heavy arrows (650+grains) would take down these magnificent animals humanely. Remember, with any animal, you have a 50% chance of hitting bone whenever you loose an arrow at a animal…
      You want a set up that will prepare for the worst if an unfortunate situation arises. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Immortal words from Coach Wooden that I apply heavily to bowhunting truly big game like Gemsbok and Elk.

    • gidaddy911
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      I kinda figured as much from the research I’ve been doing. I hate the thought of not being prepared and losing an animal because of it. I do intend on purchasing a heavier bow in the next couple of months. Like I said, got a bit of time before I can actually go on the hunt. I did not know about the vitals though. Good info, thank you. If you can think of anything else, please let me know. I appreciate any input I can get.

    • JEMBO
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      All oryx licenses in NM are draw. Although I’ve never applied I have friends that waited over 20 yrs. to draw. However, I don’t think all units are that way.The new regs recently came out online… http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/ Good luck.

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