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    • Flintlock
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      Anybody have any suggestions for building inexpensive targets/arrow stops for practicing. ❓ Thank you in advance

    • Hubertus
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      I use burlap potato sacks (50lb size) stuffed w/ pallet wrap (industrial “saran wrap”). I stuff as much in there as is humanly possible. A nylon strap stitched to the top lets me hang it. When the burlap wears out, I just stuff the whole works into a new sack.
      Note: I’m a wholesale grocer, so the materials are easily available to me. However, I know the burlap is not hard to get and any warehouse probably has tons of wrap waiting to be hauled to the dump.
      Happy shooting!

    • Mark Turton
      Post count: 759

      I use a HD plastic bag filled with rags, just a variation on Hubertus target for variety a foam soccer ball is fun.


    • MontanaFord
      Post count: 450

      I use basically the same thing as Hubertus. Burlap sack with tarping from lumber units at work. Good luck.

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
      Post count: 1384

      Feed sack stuffed with plastic grocery bags, as many as you can stuff in it. When the sack starts getting holy pull another sack over it and secure with a zip tie. Makes a great kick target.

    • Clay Hayes
      Post count: 418

      I use something simmilar to the above. Burlap sack stuffed with plastic grocery bags. It’s a great way to recycle those things. I think you can stuff a whole years worth into a standard size sack. When you start to wear out the center, just open the burlap up and shift the plastic sacks around.

      I also use a deflated soccer ball. It’s about the size of a deer’s vitals and it moves when you hit it so the shot changes slightly. Also, it helps me because I have serious concentration issues when shooting at a big stationary block. I shoot the ball much better than a hay bale.

    • Chris Shelton
      Post count: 679

      I use the same exact set up as clay, with one minor difference, I was lucky enough to find like a nylon burlap type bag, it was like weaved nylon strands and I filled that with grocery bags and then with a burlap bag, works great, unless you get up to about 70 pounds, then the arrow goes through and sticks into the tree the bag was hanging on, lol.

    • Chad Sivertsen
      Post count: 84

      I use burlap bags stuffed with plastic bags, food wrappers, bread sacks. Dog and cat good bags work good too, they should be wadded up not folded and stuffed in the burlap. I have about 15 burlap bags that I hang in the woods around my place. I cut out cardboard animal silhouettes, deer,bear, small game, lay them on the burlap and paint the outlines. I paint a target on both sides so I can shoot going any direction around the target. In the woods they look lifelike enough to be good practice and they are inexpensive. The burlap last a year or so in the weather.

    • David Petersen
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      A primary difference between grocery plastic and pallet wrap plastic is toughness and longvity. I’ve been shooting into the same burlap bag of heavy-duty pallet-wrap for years now. I have to rebag the burlap every year but the plastic just keeps going. I get my burlap coffee bags for 75 cents each at a local yuppie coffee roaster/shop, and the plastic for free from the post office. I lace the top together with baling wire and re-stomp the plastic every spring when I slip on a new bag. Damn pine squirrels “harvest” my burlap for their nests about elk season each fall, as I just have my sitting on a small pallet on the ground against a tree. Great for field points but no good for broadheads, which shoot through (at least with my Ashby setup) and tear up both burlap and plastic. In spring, I spray-paint a lifesize turkey onto the bag, and it’s easy to move anywhere in the yard for more realistic practice, horizontal or vertical. dp

    • oldtwohairs
      Post count: 15

      Plastic shrink wrap works great. Our archery club has a 14 target course set up with 4’x4′ targets that are made out of treated plywood sides and bottoms with a plastic mesh that we get from a cheese factory (or old carpet will work)that we place on the front and the back of the wood frame. We then stuff them full of shrink wrap and place a board across the top.
      We have used the same targets for over 10yrs and only have to replace or patch the target face.

    • Chris Shelton
      Post count: 679

      David Petersen wrote: Damn pine squirrels “harvest” my burlap for their nests about elk season each fall

      Men, I know this is a bowhunting website, but Dave there is a surefire way to decrease there population:D

      they taste good too, just might take about 50 to make a decent meal:lol::lol::lol:

    • Buckhorn73
      Post count: 77

      I have been very fortunate to have had a shoe manufacturing business in my hometown that had lots of felt-type material to discard. This material stuffed into burlap or plasticized grain bags has allowed me a never ending target material which never gets shot out. The bags have been replaced a time or two, but just a simple matter of re-stuffing them. This likely works like plastic bags or old blankets in other model of targets which allow one to easily withdraw arrows. I don’t leave them outside, though, but they are light enough to store inside and move them out for a shooting session.

    • Steertalker
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      I fabricated a frame which holds 2′ x 4′ x 1/2″ sheets of celotex sheeting. Celotex sheeting is what they used to put on the sides of houses before the bricks go up. You can get it in 4′ x 8′ sheets so you can get 4 panels from each sheet which you stack on top of each other like a deck of cards. Using the fabricated frame and threaded bar stock you can compress the stack which makes for the best and most effective backstop I’ve ever used. I shoot at mine almost everyday and I built it over 13 years ago. It is just now getting to the point that I need to replace some of the panels.

      I also made my own elk target


    • Chris Shelton
      Post count: 679

      Brett, cool set up, looks like you have the same problem I used to have though. If you miss you have to yell duck, but then the cows just stand there and look at you, lol. Definatly is a good way of replicating buck fever, because of fear of hitting the expeinsive cattle:lol:

    • Mark Turton
      Post count: 759

      Brett, nice looking place you have, like the targets.

      Dave, I found that suspending my target bag allowed it to absorb the energy of a broadhead but still a job to get the things untangled from the cloth.


    • rod&bow
      Post count: 9

      Almost all you guys are onto the “industrial saran wrap” that pallets of building materials come shipped in, for stuffing your target bags.
      I took this stuff and packed it hard into an 18x18x24″ cardboard box, taped it up really well, taped a paper target face on one side, and voila! an instant “block” target!
      After shooting the crap out of one side, I taped another paper target face to another side (there are 6 sides) and am currently in the process of demolishing that one. I suspect it will last at least as long as a $90 commercial foam target, maybe longer.
      Remember, practice makes for clean kills.

    • Chris Shelton
      Post count: 679

      I dont know, I cant say anything bad about the Block company. My good freind had a pair of 3d targets. Unfortunatly for him he was shooting through them, so he gave them to me. (he thought that by giving them to me his wife would let him buy some new McKenzies, lol) One is a delta riverbottom buck, and the other is a Glen Del full rut. And let me tell you that after two years only the one side is starting to crumble. And I am nowhere near passing through it:D

    • tpbc_hunter
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      I got a old hot tub cover and then use it like an A-frame target and it stops my heavy arrows from my 70# longbow. works great. also i will hang the bulap bag stuffed with suran-wrap on it for extra stoping power.

      Ephisians 2:8-9 For by grace you are saved through faith, and that not of youselves, it is the gift of God, not as a result of works so no one may boast.

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