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  • liquid993
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    Does anyone else have a PVC Pipe Bow?I made 3 so far,one 45#,and 58#,and 30#.

  • Stephen Graf
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    I’ve made several dozen for kids.  Just delivered one to the son of the son of my oldest hunting friend.  3rd generation to pick up the stick and string.  I expect he’ll be outshooting me before the winter is out.  Dang kids have no respect for their elders.  Why, in my day we showed our elders….  oh never mind.

  • jcbays
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    I make PVC bows all the time.  They pull about 35-40 pounds at 28 inches.

    They shoot very well.  My daughter made a PVC bow the night before a big 3D Archery shoot.  She took 1st place in her division…. 2nd place was a $800 Matthews compound bow.


    Jeremy Bays

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