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    • shawhill
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      Season starts tomorrow and I took my broadheads out for one last check of my whole set up and I lost my first broadhead in the hay bail. Well I guess its not really lost since I know its in the bail. Anyways I use 100gr inserts glued into 100gr zwicky’s. The temp here has dropped about 30 degrees since I glued them. I used ferrel-tite. The rest of my arrows seem fine but I’m curious about what glues you all use in cold weather.

    • Troy Breeding
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      Ferrel-tite should have done the job. You didn’t by chance cool them in water after installing did you? The only other thing I could think of that would cause the problem is getting the glue too hot and pushing out too much and leaving leaving enough to make the bond.


    • Stephen Graf
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      I have found that oil messes up the bond too. Broadheads are usually coated in machining oil when purchased. This oil needs to be removed before glueing…

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I’ve been using hot glue and it’s pretty rare when a head pulls off an adapter. I do swab both parts with alcohol and dry them a little over the alcohol flame first.

    • shawhill
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      The oil never crossed my mind, thanks guys.

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