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    • skinner biscuit
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      When thumbing through a book on North American Indians, came across this picture of Sioux arrows.Looks like they knew a thing or two about foc.

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    • James Harvey
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      Alternatively they may have fallen into that all too common man-trap “mine’s bigger than yours!”. 😉

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      They knew a few things about short, r/d longbows as well…

      But wait – I thought these were “newfangled hybrids” and “not traditional longbows?” 8)

    • Ed Ashby
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      I’ve had the opportunity to measure the FOC on a few original arrows of some American Indian tribes (museum pieces), both from the plains region and the southeastern costal areas. Most of their arrows exhibit EFOC, and some have Ultra-EFOC. I’m convinced that we are just relearning what more primitive cultures learned eons ago. So much for EFOC/Ultra-EFOC not being ‘traditional’. Notice too how the primitive tribes readually changes from stone points to steel points, when the steel points became available. Switching from what has been ‘historically used’ to things that improved arrow terminal effectiveness seems ‘traditional’ too.


    • David Petersen
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      Ed, yessir, there’s nothing more traditional than putting meat on the table. When you’re hungry, it matters little how it gets there. 😛

    • horserod
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      Well said David !!! 😀 Horserod

    • Fallguy
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      How true Dave, but I prefer a broadhead to a Buick.

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