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    • David Petersen
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      Pinto mule deer are uncommon but not rare. I’ve seen several in person. And once I saw an albino calf (it’s mom was normal). But pinto elk are, in my experience, really unusual. I thought you might enjoy this recent photo from a biologist friend. I’m really surprised an animal marked like that could survive to raise a calf (at the rear), as most any hunter who saw it would target it as a really special trophy, myself included since there’s no negative biological upshot involved. They look fat and healthy, notwithstanding this is one of the coldest places in the country and mid-winter …

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    • Doc Nock
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      I had to log on to see this picture, Dave.

      I never heard that color phase referred to as “Pinto” but it makes perfect sense…here in my area, their known as Pie-bald, but then that is restricted to deer as our elk are restricted at this point to a very few far northern counties in the mountains of PA.

      Hunters in MD and PA proclaim it’s BAD LUCK to shoot one of these…

      I saw a couple fawns in archery in MD some number of years ago and the property owner wanted them left alone.

      Otherwise, I’ve never seen others while in MT, VA, NY or PA.

      They are truly neat to see. I’d have the hide tanned ‘hair on’ if I were to ever take one.

    • twitch
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      That’s pretty cool! I have seen two albino mule deer but never a elk in a color phase. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Cameron UnruhCameron Unruh
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      What an awesome picture and to be there would have been even more amazing.

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I’ve seen whitetail twice here in Eastern PA, but both while driving and they were kind enough to stay off my bumper. A friend saw one in the area this year, but only once, and again, not while hunting.

      Bad luck to shoot a pie-bald? That’s like saying it’s bad luck to pick up a penny face down. Anytime you find money (or meat), it’s good luck! dwc

    • mhay
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      I saw a whitetail buck about 10 years back . It had a patch of brown hair , about the size of a mans open hand , on its left hip and about 50% of its head was brown . It was in my estimation about a year and a half old ,,,small eight point rack and small body .

      When I first saw it I could only see its hind quarters because of a big oak . My first thought was it was the neighbors goat.

      Truly amazing that a nearly total white deer could live to a year and a half old with the very high number of song dogs we have ,,,and hunters .

      Since that time I have seen two pibald does ,,one of which was on the same property as the buck.

    • coastalbendbows
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      Never seen that before in an elk. Thats a pretty cool pic Dave. I’ve seen whitetails and a few muleys pics

    • mgerard
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      Very neat picture. I don’t spend enough time around elk, but even so, it seems to be a rare occurrence for elk? I’ve seen several whitetails here in Michigan like that, and one in Ohio. Always felt it was good luck to see one, and our regulations allow them to be taken, so….

    • doug krueger
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      MR. Grigg and I saw one of these in the la platas when we were about 16. It was a long ways away and it looked completely white but I don’t think it actually was. It was with about 100 other elk and when we first saw it we thought it was a moo cow. There has been an albino doe on the Rez this winter as well. She is pretty cool looking.


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