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    • Charles Ek
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      Here’s a shout-out to anyone who participated in the Cook Inlet Archers Turkey Shoot yesterday in Chugiak, AK (a locality within the municipal boundary of Anchorage.) I used to live in Chugiak. It made me smile and feel deeply envious while I looked at photos from the event. Anyone interested in traditional bowhunting will undoubtedly smile as well, particularly after looking at photo number 16 in the series. 😀 (That must have been one very confused animal to have traveled that far — his relatives haven’t been in Alaska since the Pleistocene.)

    • Cottonwood
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      That looked like it was loads of fun, nothing going here in NW Montana for 3D shoots right now.

    • bruc
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      Enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing !!!

      Lots of three fingers under.


    • Charles Ek
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      BRUC wrote: Lots of three fingers under.

      Yes, that’s how I shoot and it’s fun to see it in practice. You’ll also see some instinctive shooting (which I do) if you examine the photos. Yeah, I know it’s not literally “instinctive” — don’t make me get all Zen on you. 😀 One of my dad’s favorite jokes fits very well with what we trad bowhunters try to do in our hunting and shooting:

      What did the Zen master say to the hot dog vendor?
      “Make me one with everything.”

    • Ken Schwartz
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      I enjoyed your photos , good to see everyone having a good time and some of the arrows and equipment used. Thanks Ken

    • Van/TX
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