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    • David Petersen
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      In more than 30 years of bowhunting elk here, I’ve never had such a tough season. Nothing even close for prolonged dead time. The elk went higher this year due to drought, and the few that were around were aided by a nonstop strong swirling wind. And having a 6’5″ fellow from Belgium, size 13 boots and 50 pounds of movie camera gear following me around for a month didn’t likely up the odds. Wound up hunting seven weeks, missing only three days in all that time. And in all that time not a single elk of any description presented me with a shot op. But I love the process and being outdoors in autumn and stayed with it and at 10 this morning a whole herd of elk appeared and I selected a yearling cow – trophy meat – and made a heart shot from 20 yards. She ran 25 yards downhill and fell over dead, maybe five seconds start to finish. The clean kill is what I’m most grateful for and have come to demand of myself if I’m going to keep hunting. Note the huge wound the big Tuffhead 300 broadhead made in the heart. And more: Going in at first dim light I walked up on the biggest and fattest bear I’ve ever seen on this mountain, just 15 yards. I was able to shoo him away but at first he didn’t want to go and sat down and it was for a moment “pucker time.” I put a trail camera on the elk remains and hope to get some good big-bear pics across the next few days. He’s already so fat he could hardly walk and after the gut pile his belly will be dragging the ground. And finally, after a month of hearing no bugling and no elk nowhere, this morning there were four bulls going crazy all through the morning. Just one of those magical days we patiently suffer through weeks of rain, heat, wind, lost sleep, cold, etc., to experience. I couldn’t be happier if it had been a monster bull, and when Caroline and I sit down to the table we’ll be much happier than if it had been. Life is good. Dave

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    • gigglemonk
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      Congratulations on an excellent elk and an excellent shot. Persistence pays off.

    • David Petersen
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      Almost forgot …

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    • Troy Breeding
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      Thumbs up amigo!!! Well placed shot!!!

    • Wexbow
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      Excellent shot Dave! Did the big Belgian get it all on camera or had filming finished?

    • T Downing
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      Congrats bro…I know how hard you worked for this beautiful animal. Well done. Perseverance and patience…A special trophy to say the least. Made my day hearing this news!

    • Etter1
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      That’s excellent Dave!! Great shot too and I hope you saved that heart.

      I’ve got a doe heart pickling as we speak.

      Can’t wait to see those trail cam photos. Got to love being in woods with other big predators!

    • JodyS
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      Nicely done amigo!


    • garydavis
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      She looks yummy. Congratulations!


    • archer38
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      Well done ! And well deserved !!

    • Col Mike
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      Adds new meaning to the call sign “Elk heart”. Enjoy you earned it my friend.

      Semper Fi


    • William Warren
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      Way to go Dave!!! Its a trophy in my book. It would definitely get a full culinary mount…… on a dinner plate smothered with onions and gravy!!:D

    • jmsmithy
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      I love it ! A fine trophy for an exemplary hunter and true gentleman… Well done brother:D

    • wahoo
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      real nice. That elk season must be long , we are out Sept 30. Congrats.

    • gigglemonk
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      Is that a wood shaft? If so, what spine and wood species?

    • Stephen Graf
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      Well, now that you went and shot the first elk you seen, what you gonna do now?

      I’m glad you have made meat. The days will be crisper and brighter now!

    • Roger Norris
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      Nice job Dave. Having read “A Man Made of Elk” on my way to Idaho last month, I understand and admire the trophy status you put on a good clean kill. Great work!!

    • Vintage Archer
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      Dave congratulations I know how hard you worked for the opportunity .Great trophy and pictures.

      I appreciate you using the 300 TuffHead on your hunt. the heart picture is impressive. I am grateful to be able to post your story and pictures on the TuffHead web site.Thanks!

      I was anxious to hear the results of your hunt.As the days drug by I was getting apprehensive about you taking a elk. You proved my doubt unfounded as I new you would.

      Your patience and tenacity and hunting experience paid off again.Congratulations for the fine story and pictures. A BIG THANKS!:D

    • Raymond Coffman
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      Dave –

      Well Done ! A very tough year for Hunting elk in the SW.

      “Splice the Mainbrace”


    • strait-aero
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      Good show,Dave! I was beginning to worry about the outcome of your season,but no more….. Can you give us an update on the making of “The Good Hunt”? Are planning on hunting mulies with some of the time you have left? I know you’re planning on hunting Coues at the end of the year….Congrats on the heart shot. Lots of good eating for you and the missus. 😉 Wayne

    • David Petersen
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      Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, it was a “record book” tough year here. To answer a few of your questions:

      CO’s either-sex archery season ended Sept. 23 (unreasonably early). Since then I’ve been hunting on a special draw limited cow tag. It’s technically a rifle season but of course I’m a bowhunter, and perfectly legal.

      Yes, wood shaft, Sitka spruce arrows built by Fletcher, and I shoot better with them than with any carbons I’ve built, perhaps because this is my first experience with four-fletch and I’ll never return to three. Alas, the arrow struck just the thin edge of the scapula at a slight angle which was apparently enough, considering the 300-grain head, to snap the shaft an inch or so behind the head. So the shaft got almost no penetration, as evidenced by the lack of blood behind the break point. Best I can figure, the weight/momentum of the head alone carried it into the heart and got the job done fast and clean, rather like a bullet. So now I’m facing a dilemma insofar as I much prefer shooting wood, these arrows are the best shooters I’ve ever had, and I’d love to keep hunting with them. But lethality considerations must always triumph and I can’t risk losing an animal due to another break. So from here it’s either find a lightweight workable external footing for the tip-end of the shaft (I’ve used aluminum shafting before but don’t like it), or return to carbons. In any event it will be Toughheads as they’ve killed fast everything I’ve ever shot one at.

      And you asked about “The Good Hunt” documentary film project, thank you kindly. The indiegogo site is limited to a month, and expired a couple weeks ago. We have been putting together a “permanent” site that will follow the project through editing, release, and promotion. That site is finally ready to go and I planned to announce it here later today, after I get the elk meat taken care of. It’s http://www.thegoodhunt.net. Thanks so much for your interest and support. It’s a whole new and one-time experience for me and so far I’m pleased with the progress.

      Cheers, Dave

    • Ralph
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      Hey, congrats David. You worked hard. Ralph

    • CareyE
      Post count: 111

      Congratulations Mr.Peterson. Job well done.

    • wahoo
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      I would be interested in what you decide on your woodies. I am also a wood guy don’t much care for carbons. I have shot birch and like the weight and the 5/16 diameter ???? Fan of the hard woods.

    • RickH
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      Congratulations Dave and excellent shot. She will be some fine eating.

      Your a master at extending your elk season using the licensing system. I always seem to be one step behind on getting extra tags.


    • rwbowman
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      Very well earned Mr. Peterson. Patience is a virtue, and with it, even the most frustrating doldrum of a season can come around to play the wind on our side.

    • Nate Bailey
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      Good Job! Kinda a fitting shot for the man nicknamed Elk Heart:wink:It was a tuff year here also. I didnt hear a single bugle all archery season, but during my son’s youth hunt last week we had five bulls sounding off. Crazy!! I wonder if there weren’t many cows bred during the first cycle? It was awesome though, as I had my wife,and two of my sons with me as we chased down bugling elk for two days. Gage, the one with a tag, got a shot, but I think his nerves got the best of him as he sent it over her back. It’s Crazy to have elk acting that way this late in the season.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Strong work and congrats, Dave. That’s gotta feel extra-good after such a tough season.

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