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    • David Petersen
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      Patrick — first, I love your Ben Franklin quote. So true! Ah, but maybe we are past such gullible and cowardly “patriotic” times … for now at least? Anyhow, for most of my long archery life I owned and shot only one bow at a time. Then I discovered the wonderful hobby of building my own wood bows and whacked-out some 3 dozen in 3 years, hardly a one ever turning out the same draw weight, etc. So thus suddenly I found myself with several dozen strings and hundreds of arrows of various spine to accommodate all those different bows, and constantly shooting different bows to break ’em in during tillering … and whatever shooting skill I had developed took a bad downturn. So I got rid of all those bows except my two favorites which now mostly just hang on the wall, and looked around and settled on two identical Shrew Classic Hunters (except one is take-down) that both shoot the same arrows to the same place … and incidentally switched to carbon arrows mostly for the absolute consistency, which is getting harder to find in woodies, and enhanced FoC possibilities … and I’m shooting better than I have in years or decades. Variety is the spice, but in my case at least, familiarity equals accuracy. Dave

    • Patrick
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      I don’t think many people think too much of that philosophy. Makes it tough to justify buying multiple bows 😆

    • MontanaFord
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      I shoot a 55#@28″ Grizzly that I draw to 29 1/2″ and 60#. Yeah, it’s a little short for me, but I shoot it pretty well. My uncle has a custom Shafer Silvertip take-down that is about 64# at 27 1/2″. I’m sure that I draw his bow pretty close to 70# at my length. However, after I put some arrows through it to adjust myself to the faster flight, I can generally dial myself in and shoot it almost as well as he can, and that’s pretty much the only bow he shoots, unless he decides to shoot my aunt’s 35# Silvertip Longbow for one reason or another. I don’t seem to have a lot of problem switching from bow to bow to bow, and I know a couple other guys that are the same way. But, there is definitely something nice about coming back to the bow you’re most familiar with.


    • jer11bravo
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      for me I own a 52′ 55# bear kodiak mag, That is all I shoot every year I tell myself Im going to get a new bow. One that is longer maybe 58 or 60 inches so it dosenot stack up so much but Iam getting very good with my bow so maybe next year I might get a longer one.

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