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    • Cottonwood
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      Man, Did I do good!!! Got up early this morning, eased into the chair with my Samick Spikeman cup of hot chocolate and listened to the quiet and stillness. Boy was the air crisp and clean! Sipping my drink I waited for the sun to creep to life and see what offerings there were to be had. As day was breaking I was able to make out a figure, a huge doe at a mere 12yds. I eased into shooting position and slowly came to full draw, momentarily waiting I release and heard the thud of the arrow stiking home! I quickly grab another arrow and make ready for the smallish animal, it’s a Javilena at 10yds., I draw and let fly, my gosh where are all these critters coming from? Then at 21yds. I see a giant Fallow buck, whipping my arrow onto the string I waste no time sending an arrow down range and see the fletching bury in tight behind the front leg! Three animals, unbelievable!! I get up and stroll down to pull my arrows and return to finsh my morning cup of hot chocolate. Man, now this is the way to hunt, got me 3 animals this morning and didn’t have to try an track nothing down, drag it out or gut and quarter it up. However I have heard that McKinzies don’t eat that good and I was lying bout the stillness and quiet, I-35 is horrible this time in the morning. Oh well, always did have a big imagination. Ya’ll all have a wonderful day and coming up weekend!!

    • David Petersen
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      😆 I wondered when you got javalinas in MT! And fallow deer smacks of a TX “exotics” ranch. By going there in your mind, you saved a lot of money and a long boring drive! Good luck with your real hunt. I’m stuck waiting now for Dec. and AZ, though I’d love to visit KS or NE where you can hunt birds and kill almost limitless numbers of whitetail does for give-away nonresident tag prices. And though I blush to admit it, young whitetail can be as good if not better than elk. Alas, all that hunting seems to be private land leased to outfitters. dp

    • Cottonwood
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      David, living and hunting here in Montana we are very lucky that we have vast amounts of public land to hunt without paying for its use.

      I do have my blind set up on my uncles place of 250 acres, and have been watching the deer closely. Most if not all of them have been passing, as they just have been out of my comfort zone with a traditional bow which is out past 20 yards.

      I had hoped for a shot on a nice doe yesterday that was just 43 yards. She stopped, sniffed the upper branches above her head, then rolled on the ground like she was easing an itch.. sat there laughing at that one. I thought maybe this is the one, as she looked like she was going to take the upper trail that would have passed just within 10 yards. My heart was pounding in my chest at the excitement of a whitetail deer by my traditional bow.

      Well as luck would have it, she decided to head back down to the lower pasture.

      I had one other one, that passed within 30 yards, but it was heavily tree’d and the shot was not presenting itself for her into the ribs, so I had to pass.

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