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    • MoSportsman
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      I broke my elbow a couple years ago and Missouri allows us to use a cross bow if we have medical need. I bought one with recurve limbs and killed two deer with it that year.

      I read up on cross bow hunting at the time and noticed heavier heads were recommended. Despite the recommendations I was getting good groups with some 100 grain heads I had and went with them. Some 3 blade Thurnderheads.

      Both my deer kills were clean. One was a spine shot from ground level on a little button buck. Dropped him in his tracks. The next was from a tree stand the year and a half old buck walked straight into my shooting lane and stopped. The arrow went right where I intended it to go. I went between ribs on the entry through the heart and between ribs on the exit. The arrow hung out the back side and got broken as the buck made his death run about 40 or 50 yards.

      I just didn’t understand why that arrow was not sticking in the ground hard in the dirt behind him. It would have if I made that shot with any bow I have ever shot deer with. Now I understand. I got lucky with these two kills and I am glad Missouri does not allow cross bows for healthy hunters.

      I am recovered from my injury and planning on getting back to the recurve bow I started with over 30 years ago ( I have shot all my deer with a compound since) and putting a deer down with that this coming fall. Glad to learn this “new” science from y’all.


    • David Petersen
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      Welcome, Tom! Some of us learn from our experiences, win or lose–which necessitates admitting, if to no one but ourselves, that we took a wrong trail. Others of us (and all of us at times) invent justifications to keep doing what we’re doing whether it works or not (and this obviously extends WAY beyond just bowhunting).

      The single biggest lapse in logic we see so often in hunting “psychology” is attempting to project what works for little deer most of the time, to thinking the same will work for giant animals all the time. This is the single most consistent error in “compound” thinking today. The right tool for the right task–that’s it! It’s not in the least intellectually challenging and it leaves one (certainly this one) to wonder why so many hunters just can never seem to get it. “If it works for 150-pound A, it will work for 700-pound Z” is the illlogic of self-defeating optimism.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • MoSportsman
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      I am looking forward to getting a new Recurve and getting it tuned in right and make it a killing machine. I about got back into the recurve thing about 10 years ago but I gave up because I couldn’t get my broadheads to group anywhere near where my field tips were so I just didn’t get the confidence to hunt with it. This time I will overcome that and get them together.

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