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    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Kind of a cold, crappy day here in Idaho, but I wasn’t going to let that keep me inside, twiddlin’ me thumbs….8)


    • Brennan Herr
      Post count: 403


      Great video as always. You are putting together some nice stuff. Keep it up!


    • coldpak
      Post count: 60

      You got it go’in on!! Videos are great and love the music.

      You got me listen to One Ton Pig. Just came back from a hunt in Ohio with my son and brother and well they can’t get enough either. That was are go to roadtrip music. Keep up the great work.

    • Bunyan Morris
      Post count: 135

      I really enjoyed the video. Very professional. Well done and it looks like your’re having a blast.

    • Alexandre Bugnon
      Post count: 681

      Nice! And perfect hunting weather for me! 😀

    • Cameron Unruh
      Post count: 240

      Love it Smithhammer…That captures the heart and feel of the trad walk in the woods.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Thanks, folks!

      Coldpak – glad to hear you’ve gotten into OTP! If youever find yourself in Jackson Hole, they play at an old bar downtown pretty regularly.

    • James Harvey
      Post count: 1130

      Nice one Bruce 😉

    • wahoo
      Post count: 415

      Smitty nice video. I see you bought a bison pack . How you liking? Nice job

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      wahoo wrote: Smitty nice video. I see you bought a bison pack . How you liking? Nice job

      Thanks, bud. The BG Haversack is pretty sweet, though almost too big sometimes. I’d like to check out the “Houndsman” sack that they make as well, which is a little more compact.

      I also picked up a BG “First Trip” this past winter and have used it quite a bit this season. What a great pack.

      Hope your recuperation is going well!

    • EJK
      Post count: 18

      I like stuff like this!

    • paleoman
      Post count: 918

      Heck, I’m not going out in that crap when I can just watch you:lol:

    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2270

      Smithy, nice job again. Nice camera work, nice shooting, nice music. thanks, dwc

Viewing 12 reply threads
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