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    • Steve Capps
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      A recent visit to one of the other bowhunting sites reminded me how much I appreciate the caliber of folks who participate in these forums. Here I find a wealth of knowledge and wisdom paired with an overall sense of humility and respect. Not so on some of the other bowhunting/archery sites.

      My first complaint is that they feel more like virtual shopping malls than communities of bowhunters. Second they tend to be fertile ground for agitators and gossips. My third (though far from final) complaint is that they tend to be dominated by people who seem to be seeking attention.

      An example is a thread that was complaining about crowded hunting in a popular public area with which I am very familiar. One self-described expert attempting to bolster his creds claimed he had been hunting the property since 1990. He emphasized and repeated that statement several times. Problem is the property was in the hands of a power company who had closed it to all hunting for decades until late in 1993. It wasn’t until the fall of 1997 that the state first opened it for limited access pheasant and quail hunts. Bowhunting was allowed for the first time the following year.

      So I wonder was the expert who claimed he had been hunting there since 1990 a poacher or merely a liar? It seems to me that the motivators for attention seekers would be hard to find in a “low scoring sport” like bowhunting. Solitude and kinship with nature are incompatible with popularity and cutting edge.

      Am I a minority for thinking that way? If the popularity of these other sites is any indicator then I’m afraid I may be. To Webmother and all who participate here I say keep up the good work.

    • Col MikeCol Mike
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      Since my last carrier, this is the best collection of folks that have the same commitment to my core values of, honor the earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

      It is indeed a pleasure to be part of this group and to share, our thoughts and stuff.


    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      Every now and then it’s good to take a look around to keep your perspective. This is a great place to connect with folks with their hearts and minds in a good place. You can also count on folks to respectfully speak their minds. Genuine feelings, respect and honesty make a good home. Best, dwc

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      I am so thankful for all of you…even the readers who don’t post often! I try to stay in the background, but I follow every thread. Occasionally I have to “snap and point” (or delete a post) as most good moms will do, but thankfully that isn’t very often. Not everyone is thrilled with our high standards, but they don’t stick around very long.

      The success of this forum is directly related to the caliber of our members. It may not be the most popular site out there, but I’ve always favored quality over quantity. Please invite your friends to join in the fun, but as Smithhammer told drew4fur, “it’s a little bit different here!”


      Mom 😉

    • David Becker
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      This is one of the best corners of the internet I’ve ever frequented. The signal to noise ratio and the level of civility are outstanding.

      When you go to most internet fora devoted to a particular activity, most of the posts aren’t about the experience of doing the activity, they are about the GEAR. I get really sick of consumerism. There are certainly discussions about gear here, but the quality and tone of them are quite different. A good example of that would be the “Emergency Gear” thread that is running now.

      I don’t have much time to surf the internet right now, but when I do, I check in here. I’ve learned a bunch about traditional archer and bow hunting in the short time I’ve been here, both by reading the active threads and mining the archives.

      Thanks a bunch everybody. Maybe when the baby gets a little older, I can find a way to meet some of you in person.


    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      What everyone else said. I’ve really come to appreciate that just about every time I log in here I can find something thought-provoking, not to mention something to make me chuckle (often at the same time :D). I love how much we talk about natural history and our observations in the woods year-round, and how even when we disagree on things here, it’s always kept civil and intelligent, rather than the bickering and name-calling I’ve seen other places.

      And Robin, you may be mostly in the background, with a ‘light touch,’ but this place wouldn’t be what it is without you. And it’s a testament to that skill that you’re able to keep this place positive and on-track without the heavy-handed moderation I’ve seen all too often elsewhere.

      We got a good thing going….

    • drew4fur
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      Here Here, Smithhammer!! My time here has been so far brief, but if you all are like this in the hunt camp, then that’s a hunt camp I want to be in, even if I didn’t draw a tag, I’d be happy to be camp cook, just to be a part of the experience!!

    • Patrick
      Post count: 1148

      This is the only forum I participate in. I wish I could participate on the same level I used to, but circumstances prevent that. Lucky you! 😆

      No place better!

    • David Fudala
      Post count: 224

      Same here Patrick. I tried a couple different forums before I found this one and as has been said, they were nothing short of disappointing. It really shocked me how simple, closed minded and flat out rude people could be. And these were people who were supposed to have come together for comraderie and to share in an activity they all enjoy? It was very frustrating and every site seemed to have specific agitators who felt they had to argue everyones comments and points of view. In contrast, I am forever grateful for the level of respect and friendliness that is always exhibited here. All of you are on another level and my hat is off to you! Especially you Mom! This world is all about cheap results and short cuts. It’s such a relief to find an oasis from that and be able to slow down to appreciate something in its purest form. After all, isn’t that kinda why most of us came to traditional archery in the first place? Kudo’s!!!

    • StixStix
      Post count: 170

      Echoing the praise here. This forum is “the way it should be”

    • grumpygrumpy
      Post count: 962

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, each and every one. Just for being you. Wouldn’t be the same if any of you were not here.

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