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    • Danny Klee
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      Saturday I went out to the woods on some land a co-worker said I can hunt on. I was there in my ground blind about an hour before I saw a button buck come into view approximately 10 yards away. I saw he was just a button buck so I just watched him frolick around. Finally he left.

      About 20 minutes later a doe suddenly appeared out of no where. Then there was another, then another. One was bigger then the rest of them but to me it still seemed kind of small so I resisted loosing my arrow. My hunting partner was in his treestand and could see the whole thing happening.

      I decided to let them go because I thought even the biggest one was to small. Later, my hunting partner asked why I didn’t take one. He said the biggest probably dressed out at about 125lbs.

      I haven’t been hunting since I was a youngster and lately I have been shoot at my Glen Del Full Rut Buck 3-D target witch is huge compared to what I saw in the woods. I guess I was trying to do the right thing by letting the “little one” go. Now that I understand the appropriate size of real life deer, the next time I am planning to harvest one of them. You know the kicker? The deer were only about 10 – 12 yards away, with a broadside shot. It was a gimme shot and I let it go. Oh well. I don’t feel too bad about it. It was great being in the woods and seeing the deer move around me. There are a lot of feed in these woods and God willing, tomorrow or another day I will harvest my first traditional white tail.

      Oh yeah, I decided to get a turkey permit. You should see all the turkeys around my blind! To me this is the perfect hunting spot. Hopefully I will have a good harvest picture for you all.


    • Don Thomas
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      Dan–As a general rule, if you have to think hard about whether or not to shoot an animal, it’s best not to shoot it, so your restraint was appropriate. On the other hand, a mature doe is a mature doe, and there probably isn’t enough difference among them to worry about. If you want to avoid shooting a fawn of the year and there isn’t another deer around to offer a size comparison, look at the muzzle. A fawn’s will be short and round, a mature doe’s will be long and pointed. Good luck, Don

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