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    • heydeerman
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      I had this problem about 10-12 years ago. It must be the plastic Nirk uses. Where did you find Mercury nocks? I heard they were not being made anymore?

    • crash87
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      While you heard they weren’t going to be made anymore, I just could not find them. Of course I was not looking in the right place, while the “BIG” traditional archery supply houses (one of, I prefered to all others when they were small, but not anymore))have a lot of diferent things, they all fall victim to the all mighty “high overhead” . Where, if they don’t think something will sell they won’t inventory it. The reason you see these inferior nirk nocks, they think we want only snap on P.O.S. nocks, that break. A lot of times we want something, can’t find it, assume there gone and forget it. The big boys aren’t going to stock something they “don’t think” will sell if they their selling what they have.
      Go through the pages of Traditional Bowhunter and you will find some of those traditional archery shops That sell the things the big boys won’t.
      Valley Traditional Archery Supply in Colorado and the Nocking Point in Kansas are a couple thet stock Mercury nocks. Although I’m not sure if He stocks them, give The Footed Shaft in Rochester Minnesota a call, a very good business to deal with. CRASH87

Viewing 1 reply thread
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