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    • gidaddy911
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      I’m new to Traditional Bowhunting. I got into it when I found an old Browning cobra in my shed that used to belong to my father-in-law. It’s a great bow, but it’s RH and I’m a lefty. I’m looking to get a bow, but have to go used and was curious what brands some may advise that are affordable. I say affordable becuase I have 5 kids all 10 years and under and I’m in the Army so needless to say I’m strapped for cash. I would appreciate any advice that comes my way.

      Side note: Anyone ever hear of Shim Bow?

    • Treetopflier
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      Hello Daddy. I trust you had a good family day yesterday. In the used bow category you can get some amazing deals on top-end custom bows, so I wouldn’t bother with looking for a cheap factory bow. For some reason there are often better deals on lefty than RH bows … smaller market to sell to I guess. I don’t think you can rate the quality and value of a used bow by brand. You just have to shop around and shoot a bunch until one that you can afford “speaks” to you. For most of us this is the hard part — finding bows we can shoot before we buy. Tell us what poundage you want, whether recurve or longbow, length, max price etc. and maybe someone here will have some info for you. Good luck. ttf

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      How about it guys. Anyone have a left handed bow just lying around that a new guy (and defender of our country) could use?

      A quick browse through the inventory at Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear found a left handed Ben Pearson Hunter for $150. It is 45 pounds, which is a great weight to get started. Here is the link. Scroll down to the left handed section. This is a “classic” bow (old 😆 ) but they hold up well. Ask them what their return policy is before you buy.

    • gidaddy911
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      Thanks for the help! I’ve been checking RMSgear out and Lost Nation Archery. I’ve found a couple of bows, just waiting on the budget to cooperate!

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