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    • centralchessie
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      I’m an avid deer that wants to mix it up a little. I’ve never shot a recurve but want to give it a try. What is a good entry level bow that would be good for hunting? thanks for the help!

    • Mark Turton
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      May I suggest that if you have a local archery club try that, see what others are shooting then get along to a good archery shop preferably on recommendation so that you know the advise you receive will be reliable.

      Check out ‘Rocks’ recent posts under ‘Bows and Traditional Equipment’ he’s one step ahead of you and may have some suggestions, possibly even some recommendations after his recent purchase.

      The only additional thing I would say is take it slowly and enjoy the journey.


    • Rocks
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      I’m in the same boat as you CC, I purchased two longbows in the last month or so.

      I looked around on the net and found a lot of info and pics of bows I liked the looks of, read reviews, and finally ordered one from a bowyer whose work I liked. The second bow I picked up at a sporting goods store nearby after looking through what they had and picked a lightwewight draw bow that was relatively cheap, to use as a practice bow and maybe for small game and deer.

      Like Pothunter said, if you have an archery club nearby go meet some folks, the trad bow guys seem eager to help new guys out and I’m sure you could shoot a few bows. Otherwise find the nearest archery shop and look through everything they have you may find something you like.

      Lots of great advice on this board and some very knowledgeable guys to help out!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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