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    • bobmack11qq
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      my wife gave me a spin-rite crester for christmas.awonderful tool easy setup easy to use. Here is my first try at cresting with it. I tend to do to much per arrow, well learning.

    • wildschwein
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      Absolutely love the second from bottom green and yellow combination! Might have to start taking orders with work as nice as that.

    • George McCloskey
      Post count: 55

      Beautiful work Bob. Gorgeous. I’ve done all of mine by hand so the lines are consequently thicker, and not straight. The spin-rite crustier really makes a difference!

    • bobmack11qq
      Post count: 24

      the trick to making thin lines is to but the thin lines down first then fill in the spaces after the lines dry and cover the thin lines to the thickness you want.

    • Troy Breeding
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      Ahhhh!!! Big boys and their new toys. I love to see folks taking on the daunting task of making their onw equipment. Reguardless of how it looks to others, atleast to you it’s the best.

      Thumbs up dude,,, keep up the good work. You will learn, the more you check out other work and the more you do.

      Talked to CrystalShrimp last night. His wife gave him a fletcher for Christmas. That dude was so happy he stated he just wanted to fletch something. Even said he was looking at the broom handle….:D:D:D


    • strait-aero
      Post count: 350

      Bob, I always do my thin lines last with a very fine sable hair brush. It makes the broader bands look clean and you don’t have to worry about over running into the finer ones. Try it and I’m sure you’ll love the results. You’ve done a beautiful job on these. Great work!!


Viewing 5 reply threads
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