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    • KnightDemios
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      I am looking for tips. I have been interested in getting into Archery, I have shoot a few times but want to start shooting regularly. Was wondering what starter longbow i should get?? Have been looking but there are a lot of options. Any suggestions?

    • Doc Nock
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      The most often heard advice is to go to a traditional shoot where there are bow vendors and shoot various bows by different makers to see what you like…

      Next best is to go to a function where there are sufficient shooters to allow you to have folks let you try different bows…

      Universally, it seems agreed that many start out over-bowing themselves with too heavy a draw weight… might be a macho thing…dunno! A lighter bow will allow you to develop good form while a heavier bow will encourage bad habits. One you can hold at full draw for several seconds without shaking might be a good starter…

      Bows with interchangeable limbs (typically 3 piece) will allow you to go up in weight as you build strength, form and process!

      There are various good books on the market, each with their own approach. Find what works for you… learn your draw length, then start slow and realizing as in any good shooting, it’s about FORM, FORM and FORM (and holding your mouth right! ) 8)

      Good luck!

    • Stephen Graf
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      Don’t spend a lot of money on your first bow. Try to get something used. If you like longbows, then it would be good to read up a bit too. Byron Furgeson’s book “Become the Arrow” is a good how-to Book. Stick with longbow writers as recurves are a different breed. Horace Ford wrote a good one too back in the 1800’s. And of course, anything written by Howard Hill. These books and more are available from 3 Rivers.

      I just got a copy (thanks to Amazon and my wife) of “Hitting them like Howard Hill” by John Schultz for 12 bucks. Only took 3 years of looking to find it at that price 😀

      I hope you stick with long bows. There is a lot of spirit in them, and they seem to bring out the good times.

      Good luck in your new endeavor. Traditional archery is like no hobby you have ever had.

    • Robin Conrads
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      Hello and welcome to the forum family.

      My suggestion is for you to see if there is a traditional archery club or mentor in your area. Here is a list of the ones we know about. If there isn’t a mentor listed, contact a club and see if they can set you up to shoot with someone and ask questions. What state do you live in?

      Good luck with your journey.

    • David Coulter
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      Depending on where you live, you can probably find a good bowyer within a couple hours drive. The advice above is the best. Have fun and enjoy. Remember, you will probably have good days and bad days, so just hang in there with it and keep you expectations realistic. When it’s not fun, just take a walk and come back to it. best, dwc

    • Ralph
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      I think the points Mr. David ‘doc noc’ brought out about over bowing one’s self are way most important. The bad habits you learn by doing so stick with you and will bite you always.

      His advice is super sound. Good luck and enjoy.

      Like all addictions though, you can only blame yourself. 😀


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