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    • twistedlimbs
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      Hey all, I have been a member of other tradprimitive sites for quite a while, and just signed up for this one. for those who dont know me from the other sites, i am more of a primitive hunter. selfbows, cane arrows, stone points. but i enjoy all aspects of trad hunting. so just introducing myself on this site. – Ryan

    • T. J. Conrads
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      Hello Ryan:

      Good to see you on the forums. We are still in the building phase as it has only been about seven or eight months since we turned on the site, but it has been growing steadily as more and more people find it.

      Make yourself at home, explore the site, and don’t forget to check out the TradSpace section. You can upload lots of images there, run a blog, keep in touch with friends, and plenty more. Also, sign up for the Tip of the Week; you will get a short, weekly newsletter and a new tip.

      Best regards,

      T.J. Conrads

    • Bloodless
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      Hi Ryan, and welcome! I’m new here too. In fact I’m new almost everywhere. You’ve doubltless noticed the “Bowyer’s Bench” forum, which seems a good fit for you. The primtive view of life seems always to have something good to teach us. bb

    • PagosaBow
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