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    • wTk
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      Tried a different style 3-piece for me I’d only made belly mounted limbs before. So far I like how it came out. Fiddleback maple and rosewood riser, Limbs have lams made from old maple gym flooring with black glass, timber rattler skins, and buffalo horn overlay. 64″ 44lbs at 28″. I like to keep some of the snake skin texture it just seems more real to me that way. BTW thanks to 4nolz for the skins, I made this for a friend at work and he is stoked over those skins. My work isn’t pro quality but I have fun.

      Limb bolts trapped in place and the access holes for the allen wrench

      Strung profile

      Unstrung profile

      Snake skin and buffalo overlay

    • rayborbon
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      That’s a darned nice looking bow.

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