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  • Jethroe1
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    After hunting with my Dad in Colorado in the early 70’s with traditional bow, I left the sport.  Just returned this year, and purchased a used Bob Lee Exotic takedown recurve.  Practiced almost daily for almost 3 months to be able to humanely harvest an animal.  I managed to get a small buck on the family farm recently.  I am so glad I have found the sport of bowhunting again!  I had forgotten what a challenge this sport is, and how rewarding.

    I’m posting here also, because I would like to start planning to hunt with an Either Sex Elk OTC license next Fall in Colorado, and would like to have any input from members on areas, or helpful hints.  Thanks.


  • James McCann
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    Welcome back! My story is somewhat similar, although along the way I used a compound for quite a while. Now that I’ve picked up the recurve again I can say I’ve never had so much fun shooting a bow. Congratulations on taking this fine buck. You’re way ahead of me in that regard as I never even had a close opportunity on a moose around my home area this year. Nice bow!


  • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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    Welcome, Jethroe1! I’m glad you found your way back to traditional bowhunting, and to our forum. And congrats on the deer! That’s awesome to shoot one in your first season.

    There are some great folks here so hopefully someone can help on that Colorado hunt. If you have any questions about the site, just send me a message or email me at webmaster@tradbow.com

    Robin (aka Webmother)

  • RalphRalph
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    Congrats all the way  around and welcome.

  • Jethroe1
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    I’ve been doing some serious research on bowhunting in Colorado.  Already figured out that a single or two wheeled cart will not work, due to many of the areas I’m considering are Wilderness or off trail.  I’m studying gutless field dressing, and considering de-boning, along with a Cabella’s Moose pack.  I think I’ll be also driving out there next fall, using my camping gear to establish a base fairly close to road, and even taking along my own portable freezer to bring the meat home, projecting about 250 lbs.  I have the 2017 maps for OTC (over the counter license), and success rates.  Likely odds are around 10-15 % success, but when you think of what a guided hunt costs, plus the difficulty in acquiring points, you can spend a lot of money on gear INSTEAD, and then use it year to year.  Probably will get out there in the summer to scout the areas I center my search on (will pick 3 units).

  • Stephen Graf
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    Nice Deer!  And a cool picture to boot…

    As for OTC tags in Colorado…  I think there was a time when you could expect to see elk in OTC areas, but having elk hunted there in several area’s over the last 15 years or so I can say that the OTC area’s have way fewer elk than the draw areas.  I’ve collected preference points for draw areas and taken an elk both times I did that.  I have only come close once in the OTC areas.

    It seems to me that the philosophy in CO is to sell a tag OTC when there are few animals.  This goes for deer too.  Considering the cost of an out of state license, if that is a concern for you, the cost would be the same for killing an elk in OTC areas as in draw areas with a guide service.  Meaning it might take you 5 or 6 years (in my case nearly 10) to close to an elk in OTC areas, and 1 or 2 years in draw areas.

    The beetles have killed vast swaths of forest in CO.  In my experience, this is changing where the elk go.  Elk need forest in the summer and fall.  During the archery season,  if the trees are dead, the elk are elsewhere.

    The white river used to hold a good population.  I don’t know that it does anymore.  In my experience, the north west corner of the state holds your best opportunity for seeing elk during archery season.  It’s mostly draw for archery in that area.


  • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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    Outstanding ! Well done on your deer hunt. Welcome to the forum.

    Good luck on your continuing tradbow hunting journey —

    I would listen to what Stephen Graf said about CO. It is not the elk hunt it once was.

    In fact, most of the west is that way currently, due to many issues. Your idea of getting boots on the ground / scouting / and proper prep is the way to go for a DIY hunt. Although DIY is more difficult ( sometimes) it is also more rewarding. I find the  big problem for most people is allocating the large amount of time required to set up the hunt properly. Best of luck on your CO foray  .


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