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  • shawn1
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    I haven’t found an introduction thread so I guess I will post here. Getting back into archery after 25 plus years out. Shot a compound before but wanted the challenge of traditional like back when I was a young kid.

    I am shooting a 45lb Fleetwood(Samick) Sage off the shelf. Only things I have changed are a bear hair rest. I am waiting on my new fast flite trying to show up the I will put on my beaver balls. I have been back shooting since October and at least on the range I am good out to around 15 yards

    As I posted I am from British Columbia in Canada. I am lucky in that I live in one of those few special areas Howard Hill mentioned in his book (Half way done it. Good read.) We have moose,elk,whitetail and mule deer,grizzly and black bear all in the general area where we live. Stone and dall sheep plus mountain goat are a drive away but they are close.  Oh ya wolf,coyote,lynx,fox all those critters with pointy teeth and ruffed, spruce and sharp tail grouse and ducks and goose when they migrate.

    I will be focusing this year on deer, mostly whitetail but if an elk were to walk out I might be tempted. We only have a one week bow only season so I am going to get ready for that. I am lucky in that I know quite a few people with land so I will have decent access to an area to hunt.

    I will be shooting the mentioned Sage with Zwickey Eskilites on Beaman Centre Shot 400s at 30 inches.


    I really enjoy the the forums and am waiting (im)patiently for my first copy of the magazine.


    Looking forward to ready about adventures and learnin* from the folks on here.




  • Stephen Graf
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    Welcome Shawn!

    I was just up your way 2 weeks ago.  Spent some time in Chilliwack, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island.  I was looking forward to seeing some critters, but in the end saw 2 squirrels, 1 cat, 1 dog, and a couple blue jays, and oh yea some cows.  Went for long walks every day in the hills, but didn’t see a thing.

    It rained almost constantly.  We were told that this was one of the the wettest January’s ever.

    I found a 300 acre spread with a nice house in Hope for a reasonable price, and a nice place out on the island too.  Your property taxes sure are lower than ours are here in North Carolina.

    I heard mixed reviews on the hunting out on the island.  I understand that there are good populations of elk, bear, cougar,  and grouse on the island, but it’s hard to hunt them.

    Man I pigged out on the fish and chips.  I don’t know what the secret is, but dang that batter fried cod is good!

  • rgrist
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    What are the requirements for someone from  here in the Colonies to hunt B.C? Is a guide needed? I understand bringing in a firearm way too much hassle, but I don’t use them anyway. Any restrictions on archery?

  • shawn1
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    Glad you enjoyed your stay Stephen. BC is huge compared to most states. I live 820 miles by road or around 400 miles by air from Vancouver Island. Google Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway. That’s my town. I was born on Vancouver Island. Loved it for sure. Our fish and chips rock!  As to the hunting, my dad did years ago mostly for deer and grouse. They are there but not easy to get to sometimes from what I hear. Are you thinking of moving out here?  Must be if you are looking for property. 

    Rgrist here is a link to our hunting regs. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/sports-recreation-arts-and-culture/outdoor-recreation/fishing-and-hunting/hunting/regulations/2016-2018/hunting-trapping-synopsis-2016-2018.pdf  I don’t know what the deal is with archery stuff but I am sure it is easier then with a rifle.

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