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    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      The guys at Mana’o Productions have come out with a new DVD about bowhunting Hawaii trad style, and it looks like it’s gonna be good. Here’s the trailer:


      And the DVD is a very reasonable $12. I ordered it this morning, and already got a notification that it’s been shipped!

      I’ll post a more once it arrives and I’ve had a chance to check it out…

    • JodyS
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      Thanks for posting this! The trailer looks great. Let us know how the DVD turns out.


    • Bruce Smithhammer
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    • bruc
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      Not only does the trailer look good, but it looks like these guys know how to shoot as well:!: There might be some

      shooting tips to be had.


    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      A mere 4 days after I ordered it, the DVD arrived, and I just had a chance to watch it:

      All trad bowhunting on the Hawaiian Islands, as seen through the eyes of two locals. And it’s really well done. It keeps the action going, and paints a really good picture of what the hunting is like, and what sort of logistics are involved, in hunting Hawaii. If you’re thinking about a bowhunting trip to Hawaii (as I’ve been dreaming about for a while now…), you can pick up a lot of info from this vid, yet it never feels like a “how-to” type of video at all. It just feels like you’re following along with two guys on various hunts. And it still retains that “homegrown” feel, vs. being too slick and produced. I like that – it keeps it real. And some great shooting, too!

      I also really like that this video just has a very different “feel” to it than most other trad hunting videos that I’ve seen. No disrespect to the old masters, by any means, but you can tell this is produced by younger people, and it has a fun vibe to it. In my opinion, this is exactly what is needed to attract more young people to trad bowhunting.

      Well done, guys.

    • Stephen Graf
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      I mailed in my request for hunter education exemption a few days ago. Based on your good opinion of the video I ordered one of those this am.

      I have an uncle-in-law who owns a s small coffee plantation on the big island. He lives slowly with his wife and kid. We are planning to visit them for a spell sometime soon.

      -I just have to make sure it’s during some open season 😀

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