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    • hunterLORB
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      I need some help, for some reason I am consistently hitting to the left of aim any suggestions. No sights, shooting off the shelf, trying to work on instinctive shooting. been able to hit before for some reason not now

    • Stephen Graf
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      If nothing has changed with your bow setup and arrow, then the next thing to look at is form.

      You might not be following through with your bow hand. As you shoot the arrow, you must maintain forward pressure on the grip. Push the arrow all the way to the target, as they say.

      Another possibility is that you might be gripping the riser too tightly. Make sure you have a loose grip.

      Another possibility is plucking the string when releasing. Make sure you have a good grip on the string, and a solid anchor. You may be crabbing the string with your release hand. This means your release hand is not relaxed. Try to make sure that your fingers have a deep grip on the string, and the rest of your hand/arm are relaxed.

      The thing with traditional archery is that no matter how much you shoot, or how good you are, you must always be checking your form. It is human nature to get sloppy over time.

      And no matter what, just have fun with it.

    • Dan Jackowiak
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      Like Steve said, if your arrows aren’t to stiff it has to be a form issue. I find that if I don’t get my draw hand in tight to my cheek every time my arrows go left.

    • hunterLORB
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      thanks for the help

    • lyagooshka
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      If everything is the same, check your brace height. String might have stretched, and now the point at which the arrow leaves the string is different, ergo, having an impact. If that happens to be the case, I almost always have an arrow or two marked with my “ideal” brace height for both bows. If the string should stretch, or it falls off in transit and unwinds, I can very easily re-adjust the bow to the appropriate brace height in minutes without the need for any special equipment. Hope this helps. Be well.



    • hunterLORB
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      Thank you very much for all the help and information. While I was shooting today I remembered that i was previosly shooting with bare fingers instead of a tab, it had been a few months. So I tried a few shots with bare fingers and my groups moved back to center, so I tried and bought a glove. With the glove my shots stayed center. I had no idea that using a tab would make such a difference. Again thank you for all the help and info.

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