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    • Adam Wyttenbach
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      brand new trad shooter here im having some trouble

      im bare shaft testing for correct spine, arrows are hitting pretty strait as far as nock being right down the middle at 20 yards bareshaft

      problem is, at 20 yards I have to aim about 24” low to hit my mark.  Any way to fix this.  Even at 30 yards I have to aim a foot or more low to hit where I want, heres my set up

      62” recurve bow set at 45lbs

      28” draw

      3050 carbon express Predator arrow

      29” carbon to carbon arrow length

      125 grain screw in tip

      im doing a 3 finger under anchor with my top finger corner of my mouth, and im ripping my lips apart on many of the shots.  Any help is wanted

    • richard roop
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      Glove or tab ?????

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Do to the arc of the arrow, if you are using point of the arrow as a sight – You will have to aim low, until your point on distance is reached. ( usually closer with a 3 under shooter, somewhere around 30yds or less – split finger is usually 50-+). If you use your middle finger as the anchor it should lessen this somewhat. These comments are from memory back when I tried 3 under. I shoot instinctive /split finger. Either is fine, just what one likes better. You might try the string walking technique also, if you like to ” point on ” at closer ranges.

      Maybe Stephen will comment as I believe he shoots 3 under


    • Ptaylor
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      Hey Adam. right on for picking up the recurve! You’ll most likely become really addicted.

      You’re experience with using the tip of the arrow is pretty normal. Most folks who use that sighting system have a point on distance somewhere around 40-50 yards, like Raymond said. You could move your anchor around on your face, or increase your weight a lot. Or just get used to shooting the way it does.

      Good luck man!


    • richard roop
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      The part that is of concern is the ‘ripping my lips apart’ comment.

      Something ain’t right…………. that is not supposed to happen.

    • Joseph CafisoJoseph Cafiso
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      You might be leaning your head a bit too far into your anchor. Try turning your head a little more towards your target and lift your head a bit, more parallel with your string nor so perpendicular to it.

      by turning your head more towards yourbtarget, your string won’t hit your lips and lifting your head out of the Anchor should I allow your aiming to come up a bit and your chest to expand more both should result in a higher shot.  Anchor should I allow your aiming to come up a bit and your chest to expand more both should result in a higher shot. IMHO

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      Joseph’s advice is sound. My groups improve dramatically (shooting instinctively) when I concentrate on doing everything right. As I am new to the sport as well I talk myself through every step of the shot cycle. That helps a lot.

    • Dale Hubbard
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      Good info from Joe! I shoot 3-under instinctive and ‘try’ not to look at or focus on the arrow (am not a ‘gap’ shooter), but we all know it is there in our peripheral vision. I just got a new yew self-bow, but my practice regimen would also work for a new archer like yourself. I stand at a 10-yd practice butt w/ no target on it and shoot at the center, even picking a spot if you will.

      My arrows were grouping, but way right (not a spine issue), lefty archer, but due to the non-centershot bow. I kept shooting & shooting, focusing on form & follow through & gradually they started hitting near the center. Since then, my windage has been dead nuts – no lefts or rights – just elevation variation. But that too will sort itself out with more “time on the string”.

      Even today, I’ll often warm up shooting the bare target. FYI, taught 1,000s of kids archery in my life & those who focused on form & grouping, regardless of ‘where’ they were (as long as not a spine or rig issue) ALWAYS became the best archers! Even taught a blind man to shoot & once we learned the ‘natural point of aim’ for his feet & body position, he could reliably keep all his arrows on the target; amazing! Almost like ‘Zen’ and the art of archery if you will …

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