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    • Wildeyes
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      Hey guys, I’m having a crazy issue here lately with my fletching cutting my bow hand and cutting the meaty part of my hand. I’ve shot traditional for many years, and just in the last few months started having this problem. I’m having the same issue no matter what bow I’m shooting… My style has stayed the same, my hand isn’t swollen… I’m shooting carbons, but the spine and arrow flight seems to be good. I’m tough so I’m not wining about the blood spattered on my arrows and face of my bow… Just curious if anyone has any ideas.

    • Stephen Graf
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      Move the nock set on your string up a bit, and/or move your bow hand down:oops:

      I am guessing you are shooting a long bow. Thus using my (not so) amazing powers of deduction, if this is happening with several bows, then it most likely is a form problem. Thus, you may need to cant the bow more.

      Thats all I’ve got.

    • Wildeyes
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      Yea I’ve tried moving the nock up/down and several types/spine arrows(carbons)… I’m shooting Predator and Widow recurve bows. I guess it might still be some crazy spine issue whipping out around my riser and the fletching sliding over my hand…Hmmm?

    • Bert
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      On page 88 of Byron Ferguson’s “Become the Arrow” he states that with a right-hand helical fletch, the second hen feather cuts his hand. Solution- switch to a left-hand helical- I had the same result with my longbow and arrows. If you’re shooting aluminums you might be able to tweak the nock abit so the feathers clear or wear a lightweight glove. Haven’t tried tried shorter 4-fletch, either 90 or 105’s yet- another experiment in the never ending world of archery!

    • Wildeyes
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      Wow! Awesome… I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

    • cody
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      I have had the same problem. I shoot a Predator recurve. I bought it at a Kentucky traditional shoot this summer. I took it to the range and the first shot layed the top of my hand open. I shoot a right helical and switching to a left I imagine would fix the problem. But being a compound shooter for years when i came to full draw force of habit was letting palm pull out away from the grip and in return would let the top of my hand roll up toward the arrow. I started keeping my palm in the handle and it fixed the problem.

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