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    • rwbowman
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      Well, I finally got my new longbow home. Built by John Holzrichter here in town. Awesome bowyer and phenomonal shooter. However, I have a few questions about making the transtion from center shot recurve to round the riser longbow.

      I got to shoot for about an hour yesterday, but the environment was a bit polluted with young, noisy kids. Not that I don’t like kids, but you understand. I was having a hard time concentrating and the results of shots showed this well. I noticed that the string would catch the under side of my short sleeve t-shirt under my bow arm under arm frequently and this would throw my shot waaay off. Any thoughts on that?

      My intended point of impact seems to elude the point of my arrows quite a bit and I realize that there are drastic differences between center shooting recurves and longbows cut shy of center. There’s soft velcro on the shelf and in the window of the riser, and I wonder if changing the window to thin leather would make a difference by bringing the arrow closer to center..?? I wrapped the handle with suede leather to get it to ‘fill out’ a little better in my hand and help me to hold it more consitently upon draw and release.

      It seems to like the 400 spined Beman MFX Classic shafts with 225 grains up front, opposed to the 500 spine in the same shaft John recommends.

      Here are a few pictures I took during the rainy day we had today. Glad we finally got some rain!!

    • Stephen Graf
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      Nice bow! When shooting a new bow, the best place to start is with bare shafts. I always keep a bare shaft around to shoot. That way, when I add silencers, or change strings, or adjust brace height, or whatever… I can shoot a bare shaft. Sometimes I shoot a bare shaft just to see that things are staying the same.

      Once you get a bare shaft flying straight, you are ready to start practicing with the bow.

      I wouldn’t mess with the rest just yet. Let the bare shaft tell you what to do.

    • vajd
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      That’s a nice looking bow you have. You might want to give the guys here some more information to help them give you advise. Things like your bows poundage, your draw length, your favorite broadhead wieght may help narrow down things.


    • rwbowman
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      Thanks for the advice guys! I have a 28″ draw and the bow is 50# @ 28″. I would prefer to shoot 150 grain broadheads (mainly because I already have some woodsmans that have yet to take any game) but have been shooting the MFX Classic shafts with 50 grain brass inserts and 145-175 grain field points.

    • rwbowman
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      Okay, so yesterday I decided to take the advice and put it to work. I shot the 400 spine bare shaft and WOW, was I ever wrong about them being right for this bow. I spent the rest of the day shooting 500 spine with 200 grains total up front and enjoyed it quite well. I’ll bare shaft a 500 and try different weight points this evening to see if I can dial it in, since yesterday my shooting was off a bit. I expected coming from recurve to longbow, I’d see a difference in my sight picture for shooting accurately, but not this much.

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