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    • Bounty Hunter
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      Did a little horse trading for this new longbow. It was built by Dennis Meckel out of New Braunfels TX. He is just getting started and has built a few really pretty ones for himself and posted pictures on Texas Bowhunter forum. Folks liked them so much he is going to try selling some.

      It is a R/D with cocabolla riser with tiger myrtle limbs and comes in at 50#@28″. I draw 27″ so I’m getting right at 48# out of her. I’ve had it about a week and it is a really sweet shooter after getting all the tuning done. Here was my first Bare Shaft tuning group at 15 yards.

      It really liked the CX Heritage 150s cut to 29″ with 100 grain brass inserts and 85 grain field points. Total arrow weight is 515 grain which gives me 10.7 grains per pound and a FOC of 17.4%. Would have like a little higher FOC but the way it is throwing these arrows it is hard to change. The bow is way faster than any of my other longbows.:D

    • Polar Bear
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      Good looking bow, good group. Can you post more pictures of the bow?

    • Mark Turton
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      That is very nice and casts a good arrow. A name to look out for in the future.


    • Bounty Hunter
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      A few more pictures of the bow as requested.

    • Idabow
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      Nice looking bow!

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Sweet-looking longbow! What’s the length?

    • LimbLover
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      I LOVE cocobola. Nice bow! Very slick looking!

    • Bounty Hunter
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      Smithhammer wrote: Sweet-looking longbow! What’s the length?

      It has 62″ on it but I’d say it is a 63″ as it is about an inch longer than my other 62 incher and takes a 60 inch string.

    • Patrick
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      Great looking bow, and nice shootin’ too!

    • Ripforce
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      VERY nice!

    • SteveMcD
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      Very Nice looking bow! All the best with it!

    • Bounty Hunter
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      Thanks guys! We are in a kind of love/hate relationship right now. I love shooting it, but it really hates me doing the least little thing wrong. Not as forgiving as my White Wolf longbow (My Favorite) but it is faster and harder hitting than the White Wolf. When I’m on and do my job she shoots awesome, but let me be a little off and things go down hill quickly. Guess that just means I need more practice….:D

    • Bounty Hunter
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      Well I’ve given up on this girl for now. I just can’t get that feel where I shoot consistant. I had planned on shooting it in an upcoming big 3D shoot but this evening I broke out my old standby and after a few shots was back to hammering the target out to 35 yards. Guess after this shoot, I’ll break the new girl out again and see if I can get that feel….:wink:

Viewing 12 reply threads
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