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    • swamprat
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      I have shot recurves for years, but the longbow bug finally bit. Here is the 64″ longbow Shane Wink (Serenity Longbows) from West Monroe, LA made for me. It is 62# at 28″ and with a 300 grain field point and 250 grain arrows has been shooting 160 fps.

      The riser is of Leopard wood, teak and lemonwood and the limbs have bamboo inner core.

      My son zach is 58.5″ tall and the bow is a few inches taller than Zach
      [IMG]http://i763.photobucket.com/albums/xx276/Swamprat1958/th_HPIM1143.jpg” alt=”” />[/img]

    • Stephen Graf
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      I too started with recurves after giving up the training wheels. But the slope is slippery, and I fell into longbows in short order…


    • Ripforce
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      ditto for me, whats a Recurve? LOL

    • FUBAR
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      Nice. Congrats on the new bow

    • swamprat
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      I guess this completes the circle for me. I started with a Ben Pearson fiberglass longbow when I was 12 y.o. then went to a recurve and then compounds. I have shot recurves since 1993 until this longbow, thus a complete circle.

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