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    • ssumner1
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      Today was my first experience with this style of hunting and I enjoyed it probably more than anything I have ever tried, and I was just the onlooker. I hunted with a group of guys and a red-tailed hawk. The bird was just a 1 and a half years old and quite beautiful. I will try and get some pictures up asap. Although I was unable to take any action photos because I only had my phone, I will say it was quite majestic and I will never be able to explain the versatility of these animals. I suggest that every try and experience this first hand.

      Not that it is too important, Rio ( the hawk) was able to claim two squirrels and almost dove on a third on the ground, but just missed it. Happy hunting guys.


    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Very cool. Falconry is an amazing pursuit. Love to see some pics!

    • skifrk
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      That is cool to see falconry. I have always thought that if I could not hunt with a bow I would then pick up falconry.

    • Jason Wesbrock
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      I would love to watch that in person some day. There’s a local raptor club around here. Maybe I should see if they’d mind me tagging along on one of their hunts.

    • ssumner1
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      Smithhammer wrote: Very cool. Falconry is an amazing pursuit. Love to see some pics!

      pics are up

      this one is just after he caught one of the squirrels and grounded it.

      The next two are of him guarding the squirrel he is trying to eat.

    • Troy Warner
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      That is soooo cool!!

      I have a friend in North Idaho that used to have a hawk for hunting. Now though I believe he still cares for wounded birds of prey for the state game dept. last time I saw him he had a young owl with a broken wing he was rehabilitating.

      Your pics sure bring back memories.

      Thanks for sharing.


    • Alexandre Bugnon
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    • Brennan Herr
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      If I make it to retirement I am going to start falconry…great pics.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Awesome. Raptors have always held a particular fascination for me.

      By the way, if you guys are ever in Jackson Hole, you should really make a little side trip to this place:

      Teton Raptor Center

    • Ben M.
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      What a fabulous bird! That rear view of him is a great pic, caught him in mid-blink! Great timing.

      I had a first this year. I was deer hunting from a ground blind & a squirrel came within bow range. He was on a limb, occupied with a walnut. I nocked a flu-flu, got to about half draw and…BAM!! Outta’ nowhere–I mean nowhere–a red tail hawk dropped on the squirrel. It was so fast and unexpected that I jumped and almost yelped. Must have been that squirrel’s lucky day because the hawk missed him by a microsecond. He left that tree at the speed of light. That squirrel almost died two ways in the same moment!

    • Wexbow
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      Great pics of a beautiful bird 8) I was only saying to the other half that we must go to the raptor club in the next county this summer. After seeing this it makes me want to go even more!

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