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    • ssumner1
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      Well guys I finally got my first chance at a doe, and I missed. It was a great adventure that was played out by Murphy’s law. I left my house quite late, and got out in the woods about 2 hours too late. So as I hustled out in the woods, I grabbed the Dead Down Wind bottle and a chair and took off toward the wood. I didn’t have much time, so I set up beside a tree, because I expected the deer to come northeast of my position and I could not reach my blind in time. As I sat there I stayed extremely still, because the only thing in front of me was this tree, and behind me I was a sitting duck. I was watching and waiting patiently when I heard something behind me. I moved my head just enough to get my peripheral vision in tune with whatever I was behind me. Turns out, it was a doe of fair GA size. Again, I was completely sitting out in the open for anything approaching me from behind. When I got a look at her, she had her head down, and not worrying about me what so ever. She was roughly 30 yards from me. It would have been an easy shot, if she was in front of me. I then got extremely anxious, and grabbed my bow, slowly, but not slow enough that she picked up her head and stared. The staring duel had begun. Over a span of 45 minutes, the deer never left a 30 yard shot from me, but never lowered her head from my position. She blew at me continuously, but never ran or flagged. She had no clue what I was, because could not smell me at all. She presented an opportunity for my to shoot about half way in during the staring contest when she crossed the path of a tree. I took bow and arrow in full draw timing her pace. As I reached full draw she stopped behind the tree and stayed there. I could only hold my bow for just a few moments and during which I was shaking quite bad. I let down my draw, and she started coming passed the tree, so I redrew my bow and released. To my surprise, there was a twig just in front of me and my arrow deflected and I had a clean miss. The doe trotted about 20 steps to the left and came right back. This time flag up. I waited again, for a much better shot. I allowed her to become easy again, and regained a broadside shot. I never thought I would be so nervous I sink this shot 9 out of 10 times arrows nearly always touching, but she came into my range again and I drew and loosed my arrow. I did not obviously account for the elevation in which she was about 4 feet on a hill that looked much more gradual than when I found when I went to retrieve my arrow. Clean miss again. She again took off a small ways and returned, but I don’t believe in carrying an arsenal of arrows, so I was out of ammunition. I continued to watch her until she left me and the dark consumed the light. I enjoyed that hunt more than I have ever in any of my hunts combined. No practice in the world could have prepared me for the adrenaline that was going through my veins. In order succeed in tradbow hunting, one must be prepared, and last night, I certainly was not. Thanks Murphy for the wonderful experience, but next time stay home. 😀

    • SteveMcD
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      Definitely, a cool story! 8)

      So what did you learn from the experience? 😉

    • Sam86
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      at least you seen one… sounds like a blast

    • bruc
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      Yes that is a good story !!
      Lots of action where you are hunting !!

    • FUBAR
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      Been there done that:wink: Next time you’ll get her

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      ssumner1 wrote: I continued to watch her until she left me and the dark consumed the light. I enjoyed that hunt more than I have ever in any of my hunts combined.


    • ssumner1
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      I learned that preparation is key. If I had gotten out there earlier, I would have noticed the flaw in where I was sitting, rather than settling with where I was to avoid spooking anything. I chose not to go out tonight so that I can get the animals a little breathing room. Tomorrow I am going to hop out there and see how it goes. I plan on getting there much earlier and in hopefully surprise her next time.

      Good luck hunting guys and enjoy.

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