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    • jaytbuzzard
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      I shot my first deer, ever, this morning. I got into my stand at about 6:45 this morning. At around 7:45 I was standing up in my stand with my bow in my hand and I heard some leaves rustle. I looked down to my right, and there were two Does only ten yards from my tree coming my way. I slowly turned, kept “yelling” at myself in my head to “pick a spot”, drew and released. My shot was perfect. It buried itself halfway up the fletches. She ran off about thirty five yards, stopped, staggered and dropped with me watching her. I couldn’t believe it, everything came together perfectly. I was using my Brother-in-Laws Shakespeare Ocala 60″ 50# recurve. The arrows are Easton full metal jackets 400 spine. The broadheads were my Dads Bear Razorheads. The limb covers were my Fathers. I had really hoped to take my first deer with my Dads Black Widow recurve but it delaminated a month and a half ago. This wasn’t my Dads bow, but he did pick it for my Brother-in-law. I felt connected with my Father through this whole process. I hope this is the first of many.

    • epenfold
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      congrats on the deer and good shooting.

    • strait-aero
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      Congratulations on your deer,Jay and a good tale you had to give us. Sorry to hear about your Dad’s bow delaminating. Hope this is the first of many for you. Good luck in your future hunts.

    • David Petersen
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      Fantastic, Jay. Makes me hungry just looking at that healthy doe. Dave

    • Br549
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      Outstanding Jay, what a beautiful doe. Congradulations on your first deer, and I am sure there will be many more to come. Good luck on the rest of the season, I hope you fill all your tags. Chris

    • jaytbuzzard
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      We just finished eating supper a little while ago and it consisted of rice, beans and incredibly tender venison tenderloins from my Doe.:D That was the first time we had ever had venison tenderloins. It was delicious. The Samual Adams Octoberfest made it that much better. I can’t wait to try some more of the venison after it ages for a while.

    • Steve Sr.
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      Enjoy each bite and a lifetime memory of a job well done.

      Few will ever stand out as much as the first one!

      Congrats!!! Love the old bow usage!!

      God Bless
      Steve Sr.

    • Stephen Graf
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      And you shot her on one of the very best days we’ve had here in NC this year. Beautiful weather raises the spirits even higher!

      Good Job. Good Shot.

    • Raymond Coffman
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      Jay T —
      Well Done —
      I am Glad you got her with the Ocala [ I shot my first with my Ocala]looks like a great shot also

    • bruc
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      Good Shooting Jay !!
      Looks like the shot couldn’t have been better !!

    • tailfeather
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      Wonderful, sir. Congrats! That meal sounds like a helluva nice celebration.

    • lee
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      Awesome! Looks like back straps in butter for breakfast! I love the old bow too, old warriors can still fight!!!

    • Dpowers311
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    • shawhill
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      Way to go! I hope I have the same luck/skill combo this saturday (opener for western NY). Best of luck on the rest of your first season!

    • Crookedstick
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      Congratulations!!! Great memories!


    • blacktail
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      that will be a deer you will never forget…that is great work making meat with stick and string…john

    • Papa06
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      Great job on a nice doe!!

    • roninrus1
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      That’s the way to take your first.
      Stick & string will be the only way you want to hunt now!!

    • JEMBO
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      Family, tradition, appreciation, success… this is what it’s reall all about. Congratulations!

    • anointedarcher
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      Very Cool, congrats on the nice deer!

    • Vintage Archer
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      Congratulation!:)That is a memory you will never forget.I am sure it is the first of many!

    • David Coulter
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      Congratulations! I remember the story of your dad’s bow giving out. Your heart is certainly in the right place and you are well rewarded. Enjoy! dwc

    • George Tsoukalas
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      That’s great! Congratulations! Jawge

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Well done, JayT!!! She sure looks tasty…

    • kellydockter
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    • William Warren
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      Great shot and great story, JayT. Hope you have many more.


    • Todd Smith
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      Congrats!! Nice shot!!

    • jsimon
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      Nice job keeping a cool head,I’ve shot an aweful lot of deer and once i decide to draw that bow… its like a stress test!

      Congradulations, you could not have hit it any better. Great shot,and many more!
    • Brennan Herr
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      Nice shooting…congrats

    • jaytbuzzard
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      Thanks for all of the kind words guys. I had a small buck come into about six yards yesterday. The deer caught me by surprise, sitting down with my bow in my hand. Even though I didn’t get a shot, it was awesome sitting there watching that beautiful animal. What a great day in the woods.

    • Yononindo
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      Congratulations from Europe !!!!!

    • Moreton
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      Congatulations, mate, well done!

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