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    • shawhill
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      Nebie here. Finally caved into the urge to go traditional and picked up a Bear Montana Longbow @50 lbs. I know its not exactly a highly respected bow but it fit well into my nonexistant budget. Just curious if anybody else here has one and what arrow set up they use. Im looking to get some specifically for it. Also I have read that you want 8-10 grains per pound you pull. does that rule of thumb change with different arrow materials? Thanks.

    • coyote220
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      Hey, don’t go bad mouthin that Bear!! Just kidding and welcome to the fun. You have a great tool in that Bear and it will do it’s part. The hard part is your part. Good luck!

    • Rogue
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      Congrats on your purchase, the guys that I have talked to shooting the Montana bows really like them. As far as arrow choices perhaps you need to decide on what kiknd of arrow material you want to shoot(wood,aluminum,carbon). I think the Montana bow is cut to center so in aluminum my guess would be a 2016 perhaps a 2018 if you left it longer and loaded the front. I am sure someone more knowledgeable than myself will chime in here.

      Enjoy the bow!!!

    • shawhill
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      I’m kinda partial to carbon and I’m considering gold tip traditional arrows. I have had the same six gold tip hunters for five years and abused the daylights out of them and they just keep coming back for more. I’m just trying to decide between the 400 or 500. I draw about 27.5″ and for some strange reason gander mountain gave me a dacron string for my bow which I understand would lower my 50# draw to 46-47 range if my figuring is right. (had to take my shoes off for that one) Oh and I shoot 125gr tips. Thanks for any and all help!

    • tucsonbowhunter
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      Personally I love my montana longbow. I like shootin carbons. Im shooting a 29in beman 400 shaft and they bare shaft great out of my 55# bow. Good Luck

Viewing 4 reply threads
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