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    • nikki
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      My husband and I are interested in any information on Monty and Monarch bows. We have recently found several of Monty’s bows and would really like to know information about the bows and/or Monty. Our knowledge is somewhat limited but we are learning more everyday.

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Hi Nikki,

      Monty was a very good friend and an excellent bowyer. He passed away in the mid-90’s :cry:. I told T.J. you were interested in some information so he should post something in the next day or two.


    • nikki
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      Thanks, like I said any information is great. Unfortunately there isn’t any of his family really left and Byron Schurg (sold Monarch to Monty) has actually offered to help go through the bows and take a look to see what shape etc… the bows are in. Most of them are really heavy like 70lbs @ 26 inches so he will see about getting them to a better weight, but they are beautiful. I know that the MBA auctions off a bow to benefit Camp Make a Dream each year and we are looking at some other foundations to donate bows towards as well because from what I have found so far he was amazing at whatever he chose to do (as was most of his family)and I think these bows will eventually choose their owners in the meantime we are looking forward to any information we can find. His journals and pictures were given to a friend of his that says he is hoping to publish some of the hunts in a book. Monty’s sister and father have both recently passed away so all of his stuff is just being gone through.

    • Killdeer
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      I remember reading an interview with Monty in TBM some years back. (Was it an interview or an article? Old-Timers’ is setting in…) I could probably dig it up, as I have stacks of old TBMs, but then, I guess there are a few folks around here who have them as well.:roll:

    • T. J. Conrads
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      Hi Nikki:

      Monty was, indeed, a close personal friend of mine. We shared many a camp, drink, fun, and travel together. I still have a key to his truck, which he left for me in Missoula when he was away in case I ever flew in and needed a vehicle. He was a blast to be with as he was witty and adventurous. Quite strong, too, which explains why he chose to shoot 70# bows.

      Monty worked in the gas industry, specifically installing gas station and fuel systems. He and Byron were close friends and he eventually purchased Monarch from Byron.

      Monty and I hunted whitetails and bears for many years, and we had a trip planned to go after Stone sheep the year he passed on. It would take too much space to explain much about the man. Not to be self promoting, but the last chapter of my book Campfire Reflections is about my friend Monty Moravec. It explains a lot more than I can scribble here.

      Best regards,


    • Randy Triplett
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      Hello TJ

      My name is Randy Triplett and I live in Florence MT. I still have a lot of Montys things as his Dad was a friend of my motherinlaw for many years. I have a few finished bows and a half dozen unfinished bows. I have photos, journals, and mounts. I have a lodge in Ak and Montys dad Don would come up fishing every year. I never got the chance to meet Monty in person but thru family and friends I always felt like I did.

      I very much would like to find a home for some of these items. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please call or text 406-207-9779

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Hi Randy

      Welcome to the forum. You might contact Robin with a pm if you are trying to get hold of TJ —

      Scout aka Ray

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Sorry, just seeing this. I will forward the message to T.J.


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