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    • James Harvey
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      I stumbled across this video (some or all of you may be familiar with it already). About an hour long, it’s mostly concerned with exotic, big game bowhunting. There’s some fishing footage too, which I skipped through. But the bowhunting footage is remarkable (the polar bear charge is pretty awesome). Somewhere in there, maybe about 40 minutes, is a little demonstration of a bushmen hunting rig.

      Anyway, worth a watch if you’ve got a spare hour inside over the weekend…


      And not knowing anything about Negley I did a little googling and found the following article:




      I forgot to mention, if like me, you’re a sucker for 70’s style high hats and wah boards, you are going to love the soundtrack. It’s bowhunting to the backing track of Shaft 😉

    • David Coulter
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      I’m only 3 minutes in and I love the music. I have to go to work, but when I get in tonight I’ll give it another shot. That music is the best. Looks like some good stuff. thanks, d

    • Fallguy
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      I really enjoyed that Old school video, Thanks for post Ausjim. Now where did I put those old Fred Bear videos?

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