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    • Chris Shelton
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      All this talk about hunting shows and what not made me realize that I have kept you guys outta the loop 😆

      Anyway it is not me this time, which was kinda weird/cool for me. I was behind the camera unlike my normal style. I really wish Micky had film skills so I could send him out Instinctive Adventures style . . . self filming! But this allows me to experiment a bit and have more focus toward the artistic side of things, whereas normally my mind is totally towards the hunt with the filming aspect on the back burner.

      Anyway here it is . . . I will say some of the best footage I have ever gotten is in this video, so I hope you enjoy:)

    • tailfeather
      Post count: 417

      Man, that was great. Very nice footage….I enjoyed it!

    • Stephen Graf
      Post count: 2371

      That video was good… just as good as the last time you posted it 🙂

    • Chris Shelton
      Post count: 679

      Wow I swear I’m not loosing it!!! Okay maybe just a little bit . . . well glad you enjoyed it again 😆

      I swear I don’t remember posting it, but it is definitely there already . . . Sorry

    • james gilmer
      Post count: 131

      excellent fun!1 I really enjoyed that stalk!

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