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    • LimbLover
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      Back in October Nate started pitching the idea of a short R/D bow and I had the chance to check out one of the prototypes. He wasn’t satisfied so he made me send it back.

      I told him that ideally I would like a longer model made out of cocobola with lacewood veneers but to take his time as I’ve been more than happy with my Royal. After watching, waiting, and salivating for months over some of the Expeditions he’s produced…it’s finally my turn to gloat.

      So…here is my Expedition: 64″ AMO, 55#@30″, cocobola, 3 layers of elm at the core, 1 layer of black glass, lacewood veneers, stagg and phenolic on the tips, and a gloss finish (rare on Bamas). Quiet, smooth, and fast (Nate says its a shade under 200 at the chrono). Pulls like a 45# to 30″. I don’t know how he does it. Perfect.

      Lacie seemed fitting because of the veneers and how elegant she is. I’ve got “The way it should be” on the top limb because thats the way I feel when I’m in the woods with my bow.

    • Steve Sr.
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      That’s a nice one!


      God Bless!

    • rmmorring
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      That is a beautiful bow. Let us know how it shoots. I’m new to the forum and thanks to you (limblover) and this forum I’ve found Bama bows. I started with a Jerry Hill Wildcat II longbow,then to a Bear Grizzly and Super Kodiak recurve, to a Saxon American Traditions Longbow,which was put on the classifieds yesterday after ordering a Expedition Hunter, After several e-mails we nailed it down to 45# @ 27″ with a Bocote riser and overlay,3-lams of walnut with core glass, and phenolic,bocote,stag tips. Can’t wait for it to get here.the wife said this will have to be my last one…:o


    • LimbLover
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      Thanks guys! She sure is a great shooter. Dead quiet and very smooth. Loves POC and 2018s.

      Welcome to the forum Randy! It sounds like you’ve been on a buying tear and have had some great bows!

      I’m pumped to see that you went with walnut. My very first longbow had walnut cores and it was an exceptional bow. You don’t see many people order it. I fell in love with red elm and I’ll probably stay with it.

      As for your “last one”…don’t count on it. I own 3 and love them all dearly but I love longbows too much to stop buying them haha.

    • rmmorring
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      Yeah I know it probably wont be the last…lol…I started the with trad bows back in 94 along with compounds since about 1990, but always seem to come back to the traditional way. As for going with walnut, its what Nate recommended to get the most speed I could out of 45# draw weight and my 27″ draw. He said he built one for a guy that was 45# @ 26″ and he was getting around 204 fps, but didnt know what arrows he was using. I too love the look of red elm, the Saxon I put on the classifieds has straight grain red elm on the face and cross grain red elm on the belly with a maple core and it is a good looking bow, just a little too heavy for me now. And as you, recurves are nice but its just something about a longbow that has me hooked….lol

    • FUBAR
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      Beautiful bow

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