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    • tailfeather
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      After reading the Ashby research and hearing the success you fellers are having with single bevels, I’m making the switch this summer. Decided on 140 gr Grizzly single bevels…..with my adapters that’ll be a little over 240 gr up front.

      I’ve been shooting Magnus 1’s since I went to a longbow and have been pleased, but I think it’s worth a try. Plus, they just look mean. I hope the blood trails are comparable to the bigger diameter Mag 1.

      Any insights?

    • Etter1
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      I’ve never been more impressed with anything in hunting gear like I have been with Simmons tree sharks, but after talking to you and doing some research, I’m interested to see some results.

      I doubt I’ll give up my tree sharks, but I can’t wait to see what one does to a North Georgia Black Bear!

    • tailfeather
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      After getting advice from folks, and doing some more research, I’m thinking the 190 gr Meathead may be the way to go.

      With a 75 gr adapter I’ll have 25 more grains up front over my current set up, so I may need to shorten my arrows a hair…especially if I go with 100 gr adapters. Or maybe not….guess I won’t know til I fling a few.

    • smiley1
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      Good choice. I think you will be impressed with the performance of the Tuffheads. Personally I would go with the 100 grain adapters. If you go with the 75 grain adapters you may want to use the titanium. IMO the 75 grain steel are too short and that would be the weak spot in your set-up!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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