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    • Hiram
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      Anybody interested in learning? Enough and I will start a how to thread. I prefer a jig, and I pad my loops. Two threads, one on a Jig, and one on tying up the string. I do endless too but, prefer the flemish string.

    • Bert
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      Hiram- Love tutorials on trad bow equipment especially on essentials, like strings- bows without strings are crummy walking sticks! Recently purchased a four color 8 strand (O.L.Adcock influence) D-97 with padded loops from SBD Strings, flemish- looks like dental floss but works great so far. String on, bowbrother!
      Bert aka BrightRaven( last year HalfaHun)

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      I’ve made my own flemish twist strings with a jig. I would be interested to see how you do it and what kind of jig you use. If your jig is hand made I’d be interested in seeing that too. I’ll never be too old to learn something new. Also have tried the endless but I have trouble making the endless with 2 colors. They never turn out quite right, 2 tone, like a flemish string looks. Must be some detail I’m missing.

    • Mark Turton
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      Hi Hiram

      Thought I had replied to this one already count me in, must have knowledge.


    • Holten101
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      Yeah…I want to learn the craft too;-)

      Pictures of jigs and/or instructions on how make and use them would be nice too (links to sources on the internet is another possibility)

      What materials do I need to get started?


    • Chris Shelton
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      I am a stingmaker . . . but you can hardly call me that, lol. I have just done the basics, all I have is two of those 5 dollar rolls of B50, and a homemade string jig. But I would love to not only see how others make there strings, to double check that I am doing it write, and would also love to know how to make padded loops!


    • Hiram
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      OK, will get on it as soon as I get the photo posting secured.

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