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    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      OK, so what are they feeding these deer?


      I’m leary of “preserve” hunting but this takes the cake.

    • lyagooshka
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      Duncan, I had a post a while back about “preserve” hunting. This was one of my argumants. If I really want a “wall-hanger”, why not “harvest” one? It was just to start conversation, really, as I know “why not”, but it makes for an iteresting point. To be honest, though, I don’t see what people see in 400″ racks. The ones they show look pretty un-appealing to me. I am sure the look good enough for someone else to spend upwards of $10K, but not for me. Be well.



    • Stumpkiller
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      The same thing Valley View Whitetails of Ohio feeds their penned deer. Hormones or something to force the antler gene.

      For $12,000 a pop it sure is worth selective breeding.

    • David Petersen
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      The whole canned killing industry exists, aside from the profit motive of the owners, to provide meaningless “trophies” for people with meaningless lives. Any time you see references to SCI trophies and none to PY or BC, you know you’re looking at an unethical operation. It saddens me that so many people, though a clear minority, feel this sort of charade is justifiable under the tired old “to each his own” and/or “these days people are busy and not everyone has time for a real hunt of a lifetime” excuses. It’s not hunting, but only killing, no way around it. In contrast, check out some of the recent stories on this site about folks taking does and small bucks in true fair chase … like Alex Bugnon’s two bucks this year, the second a little spike, both taken from the ground no less. IMHO all such as that are true trophies. Size of racks rarely is a valid indicator of the skill or determination of the hunter. It is how we hunt, not what we kill, that says it all. If I lived in an area that offered no real hunting ops but only “preserves,” I would spend the “preserve fees” toward a trip to someplace where I could hunt fair chase … or I’d give up hunting altogether. Such a world …

    • RalphRalph
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      Don’t believe that’s what I consider “organic”. I don’t get much of anywhere but the Texas Panhandle anymore but I guess canned hunting, hormone raising of “trophy animals is pretty widespread. I know there are some “trophy ranches” not far S.E. of my part of the world.

      Hope it’s not a ‘bad thing’ to have a 15″ 8 pt. whitetail and 3×2 muley in my freezer. 😀

    • Roger Norris
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      I don’t get it. I would rather spend a life “fair chasing” does and forkhorns than shoot one of those enhanced zoo animals.

    • Ben M.
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      David Petersen wrote: It is how we hunt, not what we kill, that says it all.

      Dammit, Dave. Thank you.


    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      I totally agree with all of you that this isn’t what hunting was meant to be.

      I disabled the link for technical reasons. Every time one of us clicks that link they see that someone from Tradbow.com is interested in their site. I think that sends a bad message because they don’t know we are looking in horror. 😯 Anyone interested in seeing the deer Duncan was talking about, please copy the web address without the quotation marks and paste it into your browser.


    • lyagooshka
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      David Petersen wrote: If I lived in an area that offered no real hunting ops but only “preserves,” I would spend the “preserve fees” toward a trip to someplace where I could hunt fair chase …

      Dave, that would mean focusing on the hunt, not the kill. How many are really prepared to do that? As of a few years ago when I started hunting, I was not. My idea of a hunt was 30 minutes in the field and I would already have my 250 class 10 pointer. And that’s with commercials. After my first year, I knew only one thing. I hated killing. If I was going to do that, the animal was going to have every chance it would out in the wild with no humans around, only natural predators. So far, it worked. I’m 0 for many. But I honestly have never had a better time HUNTING.

      I do have to respectfully disagree about racks relating to ability. In a pen, no, but in fair chase, I believe it does. I hunt to fill a freezer, but those who appreciate the trophy, a huge rack means one thing. It means that you got closer to that animal than any other hunter or predator. You succeeded where others did not. That goes to ability. The animal didn’t grow that rack being less than extremely careful. I’m guessing that’s why it’s used as record keeping as opposed to age or body mass (it’s also easier I guess). But again, that’s IMHO and that applies to FAIR CHASE. Be well.



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