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    • Grant Gilmour
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      My first time to Chamberlin Ranch shoot this year. Really looking forward to it. Finally with the help of RMSGear I was able to get my Birthday Palmer longbow shooting as it should, great and quiet. Dan at RMSGear made me a 12 strand padded string that made all the difference, prob quicker but definitely quiet.

      I met a few Chamberlin regulars at the Bear State bare ass shoot last weekend, nothing but glowing reports about previous years, so I’m building arrows and waxing strings in preparation to an enjoyable weekend, a trad shooting weekend in the middle of CA wine country, what could be better.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Kiwigrant54 wrote: … a trad shooting weekend in the middle of CA wine country, what could be better.

      Sounds like a blast! Have a great time, good luck on the hunt and be sure to report back with pics!

    • grumpy
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      bare a*s shooting…in wine country…

      I wanna see pics!!!! Sounds like more fun than streaking was in 1972!!!!:D

    • Grant Gilmour
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      I’m not sure if there will beamy bare ass shooting. After all it is a family show, and with the savage winter we had here in southern CA, sunburn could be a real problem.

      We had such terrible storms here there is a rumor that a couple of outdoor chairs were blown over, and an umbrella was blown down the yard, a foot or two.

      just terrible it was.

      The other morning I got up at 5.30 to surf before work and I had to put on shorts and a LONG SLEEVED T-Shirt, the water temp was almost down to 63*.

    • Ptaylor
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      Where in Cali is this shoot?

    • Mark Turton
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      With weather like that is it safe to be out, anything could happen…..you may not even make it to work.

    • Grant Gilmour
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      Chamberlin Ranch is a 5,000acre working ranch just north of Santa Barbara, very near Santa Inez.I found it on trad get togethers on google.

      Try, Traditional Bowhunters of California.

      Santa Inez is famous for a cowboy get together every may, 1st weekend I think. It coincided with my Honeymoon and the very small town had in excess of 1100, “cowboys” from across the nation. Wall st to Waco, tx The ride has been going on foe many many years, most of the earlier presidents have been on the 5/7 day ride, at least two chuck wagons, NO WOMEN, just roping riding, all the old cowboy skills.it was a spectacular sight to see 1100 plus cowboys and wagons winding up into the hills above Santa Inez.

      A friend of mine from here in San Diego went on it one year but he said he could not handle all the drinking, thought he had alcohol poisioning.

      My wife commented how her single girlfriends would be here in droves next may.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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