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    • wildschwein
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      Squirrels are now legal game in Alberta! Only stipulation is that they can only be hunted on private land. Other than that there are no licences, seasons, or bag limits. Gonna have to get me some flu-flus!:twisted:

    • WICanner
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      Choose your tips wisely. I have buried judos into soft tree bark even with flu flu arrows. Not so good at climbing trees as I used to be. 🙁

      Good luck with squirrels. Crock pot material, with cream of mushroom soup, bay leaves, dumplings, mmmmmm . . .

    • SteveMcD
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      Yup, Flu-Flu’s and ACE Hex Heads. I know rabbits should not be hunted until after the first good frost, because of fleas. Not sure about squirrels in that regard.

    • FUBAR
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      Wow, squirrels weren’t legal till now? Are they kind of scarce up there?

    • wildschwein
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      Nope not scarce, just used to be protected as a fur bearer. Alberta has ooodles of the critters.
      As far as fleas go, I hadn’t really given it much thought. Perhaps if I let em sit for a minute or two until the fleas abandon ship?
      Other than that I figured I would skin em on the spot and put em in a baggy with a couple of ice packs. Should keep em cool until I get em to the crock pot :D.
      As far as heads go, I was figuring on using that Hammer blunt 3 Rivers sells. Works wicked on Grouse n Bunnies, and hopefully for Squirrels as well.

    • 3blades
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      Squirrels can be tough little guys to harvest but I too have had good luck with both the hammer and the G5 talons.

    • wildschwein
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      Yah I like the look of them G5 Talons as well. Just can’t imagine paying that much for a blunt though :shock:!

    • Stephen Graf
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      Field tips and washers. Hemorrhage and wallop. NC squirrels are tougher than those western and northern squirrels. I’ve shot both, and them northern squirrels have hides like rabbits. But still, I think it’s best to make ’em bleed.

      Skip the flu-flu’s. Unless you practice a lot with them beforehand. Otherwise precious shot opportunities are wasted.

      I wait till their on the ground, or close to it. Haven’t lost many arrows.

      Squirrel makes a great stew. Put squirrel in crockpot with chicken broth till meat falls off. Pull all meat off bone and put in stew pot with broth. Add veggies/spices as desired.

    • William Warren
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      An old friend used to say it should be made a crime to prepare squirrel any other way but fried with a heap of mashed potatoes, cathead biscuits, and squirrel gravy and copius amounts of hot coffee.

      Around here, we wait for the frost so the “wolves” will leave the squirrels. The “wolf” is a parasite that lives under the skin and grows to a grub-like size and can be clearly visible at close range. I usually just don’t shoot those with obvious wolf infestation. As for fleas, just hang the squirrel in fork and retrieve him on your way out. The fleas will leave the dead squirrel. If you have coyotes following you this might not work.

      I’ve used flu flus and regular fletch with blunts. A rubber blunt inside 20 yards will kill squirrels but may not be as effective at longer range. Have not connected with judos or the ace heads. This may be the year!

    • wildschwein
      Post count: 581

      “Wolves”! Man that sounds like a nasty citter. Never seen anything like that around here. Guess I shouldn’t complain to much about our -40*C winters after all :wink:.

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