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    • Thornbush Archery
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      Hey guys,

      I am thinking about getting a new longbow. Currently I have a Martin Stick longbow. Overall, I love the bow. For my next bow I will be looking for something with a little more bulk and power. Also, something that has the arrow a bit more center than the stick. Any suggestions?

    • Ripforce
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      I own 3 Bama longbows all cut to center, check out his web site Nate makes a great custom longbow! bamabows.com

    • skifrk
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      What are some the thing beside cut to center you are looking for in a longbw since there quite a few bowyers out there that do cut to center or just past.

    • CareyE
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      Thunderhorn Coupstik is a nice center-shot longbow. It might be what your looking for.

    • Thornbush Archery
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      I am looking for something with bit of a reflex deflex. Also, I want it to be a longbow that will last for years.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Check out the Kanati, and the Roberston Quick Styk.

    • stalkin4elk
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    • Mudd foot
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      Loving my Bama Bows’ Royal Expedition 62″. Lots of power in the heavy r/d limbs, and very stable. Fun to shoot too.

    • Raymond Coffman
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      I agree with Stalkin4elk —

      I have 3 Centaurs – Jim fits them to your hand and grip style { r/d centershot longbow }fancy woods to triple carbon. beautiful bows that shoot great!

      his ad is in tradbow——-Dec/Jan Issue


    • skifrk
      Post count: 387

      I thin there are a lot of bowyers out there that are center shot and mild R/D such as say Stalker Recurves or hunterbows.com

    • SteveMcD
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      I had a Martin Stick. If that is what you like, in Classic “D” desogn. A Howard Hill Big 5, or any of the Howard Hill line is worth serious consideration. I would also look at the Northern Mist Classic or Shelton, as well.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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