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    • Drew
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      I posted this here since it deals with FOC and hunting arrows for the upcoming deer season.

      This will be my first season hunting with a Hill style longbow. I have two at present that I can use. One is a Howard Hill Tembo, 63#@28 inches. The other is a Northern Mist Classic, 56#@28 inches. Due to shoulder and arm issues I will most likely use the Northern Mist.

      I am not new to hunting deer with a bow. I have been thoroughly engrossed with bowhunting for the past 6 years. I feel like I have made enough mistakes and been busted by deer enough times that I can now consistently get within 15 yards of deer. More importantly, I have learned what movement I can get away with and when to move in the presence of deer. My hunting style is to be light and mobile. I hunt from elevation, usually using a Lone Wolf Assault II hand climber. We have plenty of tall, straight trees to choose from as I usually find myself perched along creeks in narrow streamside management zones.  My intention is to limit my range to 12 yards with the longbow and try to get closer to the deer. For reference I killed 2 bucks last season with my 60# compound. The first was at 15 yards and the second was at 10 yards. Most of my hunting grounds are thick so this helps.

      Since picking up the Longbow I have been drawn to wood arrows. I made six hunting arrows for this fall. They are Port Orford Cedar, 55-60 spined, 28.5” back of point to valley of nock. I’m getting good results with 190 grain field points and 300 grain brass field points. With a broadhead such as a 190 Tuffhead Meathead or a 200 grain Grizzly Kodiak I am getting an FOC of 15.4% with this setup and a total arrow weight of 590 grains. If I go up to 300 grains of broadhead with a 300 grain Tuffhead or a 200 Grizzly backed by a 100 grain Woody Weight my FOC jumps to 22.56% and 690 grains.

      I have read Dr. Ashby’s Studies and value his findings highly.  My inclination is to go with the 300 grain single bevel point and the 22.56% FOC and 690 grain total weight. Inside of 12 yards I can’t imagine trajectory will be an issue.

      I also have a good arrow set up with carbon that I can fall back on. It is a Gold Tip Traditional Hunter 400 spine, 28.75” back of point to valley of nock.  With a 300 grain field point or Tuffhead and a 100 grain screw in adapter (400 grain point) I am getting good flight. Total arrow weight is 705 grains for an FOC of 30%.

      The longbow is uncharted territory for me. Any thoughts on my setup and plans from those who have “been there and done that” would be greatly appreciated.  Knowing that there are no guarantees, I want to do everything I can to get this right.

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Hi Drew

      Good to hear from you. Looks like you are pretty well set for fall hunting adventures. Switching from a compound to trad longbow is a tough learning curve, but it sounds like you’ve sorted it out well. I have owned /used hill style longbows in my past – classic way to go ( Stephen will be proud). Currently I shoot RD ( short) longbows – haha.  A razor sharp broadhead from a finely tuned arrow is  always what we want, more foc is good . This is especially true at close range ( less paradox better penetration).  Your hunting style sounds made to order for tradbow. Closer is better – most of the time. I actually practice slooow smooth draw,  so as to lessen spooking critters at these ranges.

      I am not sure which arrow is going to be used with which bow but they sound excellent. I shoot in a similar weight class ( bows). I only have one bow using a wooden hunting arrow, for it I had to go up in spine ( from where you are) to get good tuned flight with the tuffhead (Tuffhead/ Meathead) are what I currently hunt with also). I am shooting almost the same gold tip set up you are for 2 of my bows and it works fine ( deer / javelina).

      When you are successful- give us a full report.


      Scout aka Ray

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